Paultons Family Theme Park Review

Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World

Reviewed by Rachel Hagger-Holt

If you have ever watched an episode of ‘Peppa Pig’ on TV, you will feel at home straight away in Peppa Pig World. There’s everything you would expect: the sugar-candy colour scheme, large models of characters from Grandpa Pig to Susy Sheep, and the familiar theme tune floating in the air wherever you go.

Our family – two parents, a four-year-old and an eighteen-month-old – are all big Peppa fans, so we were very excited about the day ahead.

Paultons have worked magic here. Peppa Pig World is a bit like the tardis, it’s packed with themed rides to delight under-fives and their families, all in a remarkably small space. This means that you hardly have to walk between rides, yet somehow it manages not to feel overcrowded. The rides themselves are a nice mix of slow and calm (Grandpa Pig’s train-ride), a bit more scary (Windy Castle) and quirkily fun (George’s dinosaur ride) with something for everyone.

And it’s not just about the rides. There’s also soft play, an outdoor play area and splash pools (don’t forget to pack a towel, swimsuits or at least spare knickers) – all of which enabled our two to run and climb and let off some steam.

Then there’s Peppa Pig’s house, with larger-than-lifesize, talking models of Peppa and her family. “This must be real, their eyes are moving” said our four-year-old in wonder, while her little sister pointed and excitedly shouted “Peppa, Peppa!”

The whole area is spotlessly clean, and clearly well-cared for. There is everything you need to make it an easy family day out: trouble-free parking, plenty of toilets, enough places to buy a range of food or to have your own picnic, and the whole of the rest of Paultons Park to wander through and enjoy. There are other nice touches too, like the ‘living roof’ of grass and wildflowers on top of the main building.

Yes, there are queues, but considering we are visiting during school holidays, they are not at all bad. Friendly staff, lots to look at as you wait, and helpful signs letting you know how long your wait will be mean that the time passes quickly.

Highlights? Our older girl loved Windy Castle, giggling manically as she spun our teacup faster and faster round, as we rose high above the park. Our younger one scaled great heights too – but preferred doing so in the soft play area.

As for us parents, you can’t beat driving home high on candy floss and ice-cream, with two sleeping children and an enormous Peppa Pig balloon in the backseat, and a happy day behind you.

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