Beaba Babycook Review


Beaba Babycook

Reviewed by Veronika Royale

My two girls had just hit 24 weeks and I was advised by the health visitor to start weaning to help their reflux and start putting some ounces on. The thought of weaning was initially quite daunting. I remembered the cooking marathon with my first son. Steaming a massive amount of vegetables, then pureeing everything, then labelling dished and filling the freezer up. Doing this for two babies was more than I wanted to image. When I heard that I was being sent a Beaba Babycook Baby Food Processor & Blender however I got really excited about weaning.

This is a kitchen accessory no parent should be without. I loved the fact that the Babycook combines 4 in 1 functions: steam, puree, defrost and heat. I had initially tried the girls with jars but they just pulled their noses up, so I went to the supermarket and came home with packs of carrots, suede, butternut squash and parsnip. Right then! Out comes "the machine" but again I was surprised. The packaging is super sturdy and contains a spatula and cook booklet, with recipes suitable for babies aged from 6-24 months. All I had to do was to cut the vegetables up, add water, press a button and revisit after 15 minutes. In fact the Babycook sounds a loud a beep to remind me that it was finished – with my son I notoriously forgot to turn the heater off and my pots ran dry and vegetables disintegrated from being overcooked. But with the Babycook this couldn't happen to me

Once I emptied the water, all I had to do is puree the food and viola dinner was ready to be served! To be able to steam and blend using the same compartment saves so much time on washing up and it is so simple to use. It steam cooks (which is far superior to boiling) all the food thoroughly and you can blend to your desired consistency. Easy, peasy, healthy dinner in just 20 minutes! The portion sizes are quite generous and not only did I manage to make enough for two, but I could also fill extra pots for the freezer. However for those that want to super-batch-cook, Beaba also do a Dual Babycook with two steaming/ pureeing compartments.

During the week, I went out and got home way too late. The girls were starving and behaved like I hadn't fed them all day – mean mummy. I also had forgotten to defrost a veggie pot. Then I remembered the defrost function – all I had to do was to put a pot of frozen food in the basket – add the right amount of water (a measure cup and guidelines are included) and within a few minutes I had food defrosted and ready to eat.

It comes in two colours – plum and lime. I liked the design and was so happy with the product that I didn't mind leaving it out on the kitchen worktop. It is so handy and compact that I didn't have loads of accessories lying about and loved that all I needed was handy in one place. It retails around £90 and although this seems a bit pricey at first, I would invest the money – especially if this is your first child and you plan to have more. If I had known of the Beaby Babycook 3 years ago – it would have saved me a lot of hassle! Once the girls will join our dinners I will continue using the Babycook – this time just the blending function though. So you can anticipate a good 3-4 month usage. Subject to when you start weaning.

I can strongly recommend the Beaba Babycook – I appreciated knowing exactly what I was giving my girls without spending hours and hours in the kitchen.

Value for Money: 5/5
Design: 5/5
Usefulness: 5/5
Loving it: 100%

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