Baylis & Harding Beautiful You Gift Set Review

Reviewed by Kelsey Pate

The ‘Beautiful You’ gift set from Baylis & Harding is a very well-presented set with an excellent selection of products. The gift set is perfectly girly in design with the pink and rose gold colour scheme and the faint leopard print pattern.

Jojoba, Vanilla & Almond Oil products included as follows:

  • 150G Cleansing Soap Bar
  • 100G Bath Soak Crystals
  • 300ML refreshing Body Wash
  • 130ML Luxury Shower Crème
  • 130ML Moisturising Body Lotion
  • 300ML Luxury Bath Milk

The gift box is very sturdy and feels good quality when opening it. It has a clear tray that the products are displayed in, through which there can be seen a shiny rose gold backdrop with faint leopard print design – this really sets off the design well. The products were reasonably easy to remove from the packaging without damaging any of the items.

So on to the best bit – sampling the lovely products.

Cleansing Soap

This is presented in a nice little box. It is wrapped in cellophane inside and was easy to unwrap. I did expect the scent to be stronger than it was, but then it may be supposed to be more delicate. I perhaps prefer stronger scents! I am not usually a fan of soap bars and tend to opt for liquid soaps. This felt nice to wash my hands with, it created a nice lather and left my hands feeling nice and clean. 

Bath Soak Crystals

These crystals are presented in a little tub with rose gold colour screw on lid. The packaging felt a little cheap on this item. The crystals are packaged loose inside the tub. I added these crystals to my bath as it was running and a delicate aroma was in the air. I felt a little bit deflated with this product as I don’t think it made my bath anything special – which was a shame.

Refreshing Body Wash

This is a lovely product which is nicely packaged. Lovely light pink bottle with a rose gold screw on cap with the usual Baylis & Harding raised type, which I find really good as it stops the lids slipping out of your hand when in the bath or shower! This product smelled lovely, though still quite delicate. The body wash felt silky smooth and was a good consistency. It lathered up well and as it says in the title, left me feeling refreshed.

Luxury Shower Cream

This product comes in a lovely light pink squeezy tube with a rose gold screw on lid. It has a nice rose gold leopard print detail on the packaging which looks really nice. I found the squeezy tube with screw lid a little tricky to use in the shower, I would prefer a flip top or a pump type bottle for ease of use I think.

The product inside is really nice though, it again left my skin feeling fresh, clean and silky smooth.

Moisturising Body Lotion

This product also comes in the same packaging as the Luxury Shower Cream, so looks really good. I liked this body lotion as it was easily absorbed and left my skin feeling nice and soft. It also had a nice delicate scent.

Luxury Bath Milk

This I felt was my favourite product in this collection. It was packaged the same as the body wash but in a white bottle this time. It was a lovely milky product that poured easily into my bath water. It had the strongest scent of all the products, particularly Almond Oil which smells lovely. My bath felt luxurious and I very much enjoyed it. It was relaxing and it left my skin feeling lovely and soft.

All in all, I would very much recommend this gift set for any female relative or friend, it looks gorgeous and has such a good selection of products inside. It presents excellent value for money and would be perfect for Christmas or any other special occasions. I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I have.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £25

For more information visit Available to buy from Amazon here.

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