Barista & Co Glass Coffee Cups Review

Set of Two with Electric Steel Metal Handles

Coffee Cup

Reviewed by Helen Noble

“Barista & Co started as an idea in 2011 while drinking an iced coffee in Hanoi, Vietnam. Sat at that street café, founders James and Louise watched people take a moment for themselves or to talk with those around them. All brought together by a coffee that was crafted with simple tools as it had been for many years. 

On returning to the UK, James and Louise combined their love of coffee with their experience working in the retail sector and made Barista & Co a reality. As time has progressed Barista & Co has focused on meaningful innovation to help coffee lovers of every level make better coffee while introducing learning resources and events to connect with those who want to know more about coffee. 

In 2018 Barista & Co set about looking beyond the commercial aspects of products and refocused the business around learning and the positive impact the brand could have on the wider environment.

In 2019 the Home Brew Coffee Club was launched and the #PassItOn project became integral to the Barista & Co business.”

I am a great lover of coffee, and understand that the perfect cup is required for the perfect cup of coffee to be had. So when I received a set of two Barista & Co coffee cups I just couldn’t wait to make myself a lovely fresh brew in one to see if they lived up to my expectations.

The Barista & Co Glass Coffee Cups with Electric Steel Metal Handles arrived in very good time and were very well packaged, they were individually wrapped and packed tight together within their main box so no chance of knocking together during transit.

They are sold as a set of two, each one measures 10.6cm length x 7cm width x 9.8cm height and they have a 220ml capacity. As Goldilocks would say “they are just right”.

They are made from high-quality borosilicate glass, which not only protects against thermal shock from temperature changes, they are lightweight, stylish, with a lovely sleek elegant look. The ergonomic electric stainless steel metal handles are comfortable to hold, even for people with slightly larger than average hands. The metal part that wraps around the body of the glass cup is beautifully embossed with the Barista & Co logo, it clutches the glass securely yet can be easily removed for cleaning which then makes them dishwasher safe.

Whether your favourite is an espresso, flat white, latte, cappuccino or macchiato. This cup not only adds style to your drink, lets you savour the aroma and flavour of your brew, it lets you visualise the differing layers before sampling.

They come with 3 years guarantee and provide a 60 day free UK returns if not happy with them.

Other accessories and matching items can be found on the Barista & Co website.

They are reasonably priced at £18.99 for the set of two, so if you know any coffee lovers just like me, these would make a wonderful unexpected Christmas gift, they could even use them to indulge in a mulled wine or two, I would highly recommend them, they lived up to my expectations.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £18.99

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