BAMP Pro Golf Ball Pick-up Review



Golf Ball Pick-Up

Reviewed by Stuart Douglas

This simple device lets you lift your ball up and mark it without the need for bending down.

The BAMP simply consists of a rubber cup that is used for lifting your ball and a magnetic holder which is inserted into the end of your putter that clamps the rubber cup into position. The device is supplied with a rawlplug that is inserted into the top of your putter which the magnetic peg screws into. The BAMP actually comes with 2 rawlplugs so you can put one in another putter which I thought was a nice touch for someone like me who chops and changes putter quite often.

Lifting your ball is simple; you just clip the rubber cup onto the magnetic peg and gently place the cup over your ball until it is gathered into the cup. There is also a ball marker supplied that you can use to mark your ball, simply place it into the cup and lower to the ground at an angle just behind your ball and push the cup away from you until it start to release from the magnet  and  the marker simply then falls out behind your ball. To lift the marker just remove the rubber cup from the magnet and place the exposed magnet over the ball marker to retrieve it.

The BAMP also comes with a bag attachment that can be screwed into an old golf ball.

A simple design that works perfectly, if it would help you get back out onto the course then get one.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £7.50

Available to buy from Northcroft Golf here.


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