Balmonds Skincare Review

Reviewed by Catherine Joyce

I have suffered from eczema most of my life and it is especially bad on my feet and on the back of my arms. I have tried so many different products over the years, some work for a time and others don’t make a difference at all so I am always looking out for new products to try to keep my eczema under control. Natalie Balmond had the same problem when trying to find a product for her daughter’s skin and her frustration at not being able to find a product that helped led her to start experimenting in her kitchen. The gentle balm she created worked so well that she ended up creating the Balmonds Company which specialises in a whole range of natural skincare for people prone to allergies and eczema and those with dry and sensitive skin. I hadn’t heard of Balmonds before and with my eczema being especially bad at the minute I was keen to try out some of their products.

I received the Skin Salvation, Omega Rich Cleansing Oil and the Intensive Hand Cream and I am really impressed with all three products.

My favourite of the three is the Skin Salvation ointment (RRP: from £7.99), this is an amazing product, my skin felt instantly calmer after applying it and it really helped soothe the itchiness of my eczema. The thick, rich beeswax-based ointment is easy to apply, it is solid in the jar but soft enough to scoop out a small amount and it quickly melts on your skin leaving it hydrated but also forming a semi occlusive barrier which protects the skin. I have been using it twice a day on my feet and saw an improvement after only two days, the redness has gone and the skin feels softer and looks less angry. After a week my feet look so much better, I normally dread summer as my feet look such a mess but they look so much better this year so I have treated myself to a new pair of sandals and I will be showing off my feet and it is all thanks to the Skin Salvation. I have also been using it on my lips as it makes a great lip balm and will be perfect at soothing chapped lips in winter. It is a real multi-purpose product and one I can highly recommend. I love the handy sized jar and because you only need a small amount the jar will last for ages.

The Intensive Hand Cream (from £10.99) is the perfect consistency, not too thick where you need to rub your hands a number of times to absorb it and not too thin where it runs through your fingers. It feels silky and smooth is a real treat for my hands. My hands are very dry so I have also been applying it before putting my washing up gloves on, the heat from the water helps the hand cream nourish my skin and my hands feel lovely and soft when I take the gloves off. The hand cream is in a pump action tube making the cream is really easy to dispense. The 50ml tube is a handy size and is perfect to keep in my handbag and I will definitely be buying this again.

The Omega Rich Cleansing Oil (RRP: £22) is a 100% natural facial cleanser and as well as being a very effective make up remover it also nourishes and moisturises your face and can also be used as a massage oil, facial oil or body oil. This was the first time that I had tried cleansing oil and I was a bit worried that it would leave my face feeling greasy and wouldn’t remove my make-up effectively. This wasn’t the case at all and I was really impressed after using it for the first time. I followed the instructions carefully and massaged the oil into my skin, the oil has a very faint fragrance and it felt quite relaxing massaging my face, almost like a mini facial. I was really surprised how easily my make-up wiped off, it was much more effective than my usual cleanser and my skin felt lovely and soft afterwards. I also used it on my body after a bath and again my skin felt lovely and soft and hydrated.

If you are looking for natural skincare products you really should give Balmonds a try, they have worked wonders on my dry, red skin and given me the confidence to wear sandals again. I have been recommending Balmonds to all my friends and will definitely be buying these products again and also trying their other products, which I expect will be just as effective as these are.

Rating: 5/5

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