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Reviewed by Anon

For the metro-sexual male, ‘manscaping’ may be deemed to be a familiar, well practised and rehearsed routine, but for even the most ’rough and ready’ of types, a man may wish to keep his genital hair in check, rather than sticking with the natural ‘overgrown jungle’ look.

Having only ever tried keeping my balls hair free with the use of standard methods such as scissors and a razor, I wince at the prospect that maintenance time has once again come around, and I’m in need of taking the bull by the horns and must tackle my ‘tackle.’ A slight slip with the scissors could result in not just a little extra hair being lost (if you catch my drift!). Not to mention the red, raw rash that can follow on from a fresh shave. Itching in that intimate area is never a good look, no matter how innocent the cause may be!!!

I have heard that some like men to use products such as Veet for a short term ‘smooth’ finish. Whereas (and even this thought itself terrifies me!) others go as far as the dreaded waxing treatment for a longer lasting hair removal option – the infamous sack, back and crack!

All joking aside, all I want is a quick, no fuss and pain free depilation method to keep my ‘goods’ under control and looking pristine.

Thankfully, BALLS have created a grooming kit which provides a quick, neat and ‘safe’ way to keep our precious ‘plums’ in order!

The website; offers a light hearted and fun introduction to the company’s male grooming products and also provides the customer with the option to buy it’s merchandise.

Not only can you purchase the BALLS trimmer, but they also sell a lotion and body wash which they proclaim will leave you feeling like ‘the dogs bollocks.’

I like the fact that you have the option on the website to buy these items individually, or together in packages. This is especially pertinent when you already own the trimmer and would just like to replenish your store of the body wash or lotion. However, purchasing the packages of their products does result in a saving on the total cost of the items compared to buying them individually. Not to mention that you can also buy new blades for this trimmer so you get greater longevity compared with other trimmers.

Although you may choose to only buy the trimmer, you can always opt to use your own washing products and lotions. I do feel that the body wash seems a little over priced (£14 for 300ml) compared to other products in the market, but it does smell really nice and you’re buying a premium, quality product.

The ‘BALLS’ company has trademarked the name and uses a simple marketing design. They use a vibrant and energetic blue colour for the main background of their brand, with white, easy to read writing. The logo is a simple doodle of what appears to be a ball sack (very appropriate!).

BALLS is one of those brands which is straight forward and sleek. BALLS quite literally, deals with balls! However, it’s also good to know that the trimmer can be used on any coarse body hair – therefore you can decide quite how ‘hair free’ you wish to be.

The trimmer itself is USB chargeable and is also both waterproof and shock resistant. Thus it offers you the option of both a wet and dry shave. It’s one thing to trim that region but you certainly want to avoid any nasty electric shocks down in that department!

Another interesting fact is that under the BALLS’ ‘trim a bush, plant a bush’ initiative, the company plants a tree for every trimmer sold. Men can now simultaneously save their balls, and the planet all at the same time!

This product may seem a little luxurious for some when a razor can do the trick, but with Christmas around the corner, why not treat yourself and know your private’s will be in ‘good, safe hands.’ You’ll get a much more even and better looking finish to your handy work, in a more efficient and controlled manner. In fact, you can even use the trimmer to make some bespoke styling should you so wish. You will look less like Santa’s beard and as smooth as Rudolph’s nose.

Alternatively, if you don’t know what to get your other half for Christmas, I think the BALLS trimmer would make a great little stocking filler!! Especially if you would like to experience a smoother ride yourself!

I would rate this product 5 out of 5 stars

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £74 BALLS starter kit (trimmer, body wash and lotion)

The product can be purchased from the BALLS website here.

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