Blue Coffee Box Review


Reviewed by Lindsay Burton

Blue Coffee Box states that their coffee is handpicked speciality arabica gourmet coffee from 22 countries, selected for your taste preference, freshly hand-roasted in the UK, and delivered in a sleek, letterbox friendly box with origin and tasting notes.
The coffee is ethically sourced and roasted by the UK’s best of the best roasters!

The website states that their Coffee Concierges travel the world to hunt for unique Speciality Coffee. The delicious coffee beans travel to the UK and are hand-roasted weekly by the cream of the UK’s 300+ artisan roasters. They also state that they are transforming the way people drink and enjoy coffee. Speciality coffee tastes fruity or chocolatey or floral or of caramel and our monthly subscription box or bag will introduce you to taste profiles from across the world. You can treat yourself or a friend to the gift of fresh luxurious coffee subscription, safe in the knowledge it’s delivered through your door, just as you want it. Our Taste Guarantee ensures you will be excited to get every new box. We are the UK’s best gourmet subscription coffee club and coffee gift supplier.

You can choose the frequency of your subscription and you can pause or cancel any time. You can choose either from whole beans or ground for your brew method. And they deliver worldwide.

So all I now had to do was try the coffee!!! The letterbox sized box is great! Packaging of the coffee is great too and there is a little info sheet on where the coffee is from. The bags have an airtight seal so that you can leave your coffee fresh until the next time you have a brew. I was not sure what I would get but the first two bags of coffee taste lovely. My ground coffee bags came from Rwanda and Guatemala. As soon as I opened it there was amazing smell of coffee that made me want to brew a cup right then.

The coffee from Rwanda is from Liza Horsham Coffee Roasters from the region Kamembe. It was deliciously dark and with tasting notes of red grape, cherry and orange and easily my favourite initially.

The second bag from Guatemala was from Waykan Campbell and Syme. I wasn’t sure about this one and the flavour profile stated a smooth coffee tasting of greengage and brown sugar. This is a very strong flavour and I didn’t think I would like it very much. I’ve had a few cups since I received my box and it has grown on me and now become my favourite!

Blue Coffee Box is an absolutely terrific company all round! Not only do they supply THE best coffee you could ever want at  Remarkably good prices, their service is second to none.

Superb flavors with depth and intensity, highly recommend to everyone. And this includes free UK delivery! This would make a terrific Christmas gift for any coffee lover in your family! I rate this product as 5/5.

Rating: 5/5


This product can be purchased from the Blue Coffee Box website here.

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