Easy DIY Projects To Do Over Christmas


I for one, absolutely love Christmas, giving out presents, seeing family, having lavish dinners and the fact it’s socially acceptable to drink prosecco from 11am are all reasons why Christmas is great. But the biggest reason I love Christmas is the two weeks off of work that we get, but while it’s lovely to mull about and relax all day, by the 28th of December, I usually crave productivity.

So to alleviate the boredom and lack of productivity that usually comes at the end of a Christmas break, I like to fill in that spare time with some easy DIY projects to keep me occupied and prepare my home for the coming year, so today I’ve gathered a few easy DIY projects that can be done over the holiday period.

New Curtains

Let’s start off with an easy project, new curtains! It’s a small change but can massively impact the look and feel of any room. First off you’ll want to work out what room you’ll be gracing with lovely new curtains. When you’ve chosen the room, all you need to do is find a curtain you like and measure the size of your old curtain.

Once you’ve worked out your measurements and found a curtain you like, simply order it from an online made to measure curtains retailer and they’ll get your new curtains shipped out to you. Once you have your new curtains you just need to unhook your old set then attach the new curtains to your headrail. And there you have it a stylish new set of curtains.

-Give A Room A Feature Wall

Another really simple task that can be done relatively quickly is to add a feature wall to a room. A feature wall is simply just a wall painted in a different colour to the other walls in a room, usually to draw attention to a certain place in a room.

For this all you’ll need is a tin of paint in a colour that pairs well with whatever colour the rest for the walls currently are. Your attention will be drawn to this wall, so you’ll want to have the layout of the room facing that wall for the best effects so it’s a natural CenterPoint of a room.

Make Your Own Decorations

If you don’t want to take a trip to an IKEA to get some new décor flourishes for your home, then arts and crafts are the way to go to make yourself some stylish decorations (More so if you have young children that can get involved in the fun). All you need to do for this to be a success is find some arts and crafts supplies online and go crazy with it.

When you have your supplies it’s time to get on the started on your decorations, simply work out what you’ll do with your supplies. If you got clay you can make vases, paints and canvases can be used to make art pieces to hang or a knitting kit could make an excellent throw for your sofa. Just use whatever supplies you have an look for tutorials on YouTube to learn how to use them!

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