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Reviewed by Laura S

Bakedin started in 2013 with baking box subscriptions and within the last couple of months the bread baking subscription boxes were introduced.

Bakedin is a baking and bread making club that offers subscription boxes each month delivered to your home.  You can purchase as a on off or subscribe for a longer period of time e.g 3 months. The longer your subscription the cheaper the monthly cost.

Each month you receive a box full of all the dry ingredients you need to produce your baking or bread products, along with the recipe card. You have to provide the wet ingredients your self.  The boxes are perfectly sized to fit through your letter box and there is no extra charge for post & packaging.

I received the Tiger Rolls and Chocolate & Pecan Millionaire Squares.
My initial thoughts were very positive and I was excited to get started.
The two boxes continued all of the dry ingredients needed with each ingredient bag having a number on it. This made it super easy to identify what was need when.

The numbered ingredients made it very easy for my two children age 3 & 6 to help with the baking. They could identify the bags needed and pour in when directed.  The recipe cards were super easy to follow and gave a list of the ingredients needed which were wet.

The children wanted to bake the Chocolate & Pecan Millionaire Squares first but unfortunately we didn’t have any double cream at home which was needed as the wet ingredient.

So, we started with the Tiger Rolls. It was easy to follow the steps in order to make the bread rolls.  The making of the rolls was on the time consuming side due to the dough needing to rise.  The wait was worth it and the house smelt lovely whilst the rolls were cooking. They tasted delicious and were enjoyed by the whole family.  Like all home made products the rolls didn’t stay fresh as long as those you buy in the supermarket due to all of the added preservatives.  We loved making the rolls and eating them but probably not something I would buy on a regular basis due to the amount of time needed to make a bread product.

Once I purchased the double cream we set to making the Millionaire Squares. The children really loved making these. Mainly due to that they contained chocolate and love making cakes. I do not like nuts so decided not to add the pecans. This did not hinder the flavour. The squares were very tasty and even got a thumbs up from a fussy family member.

I love the idea of the subscription boxes and even though they are not something I would subscribe to on a regular basis. I do like that you can subscribe to fit your own lifestyle needs.

There is a total surprise element involved as you do not know what you are getting to bake that month until the box arrives.

Overall I rate the Bakedin boxes 4/5. I love the idea but they are not something I would want to subscribe to on a monthly basis. The bread and squares did both taste delicious but the one off cost of £10.99 per box, is on the expensive side I feel, especially when you need to supply the wet ingredients. I would buy as a treat for during the school holidays or to make a sweet for a special occasion for example.

Cake box £10.99 per month. Discounted if subscribe over a longer period of time. A 12 month subscription works out at £7.50 per box.


Bread box £10.99 per month. Discounted if subscribe over a longer period of time.

Please see the BakedIn website here for more information.

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