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It’s that time of year again – the kids are running around the house like little banshees, beside themselves at the prospects of six whole weeks off school. The parents, meanwhile, are sat in the corner with ‘to-do’ lists galore, wondering how they will manage to keep the kids entertained and fed, as well as fitting in all of the preparation for the little darlings heading back to school in September.

It’s not just spending the money, although that’s obviously a stretch too. It’s finding the time to actually buy this stuff – if your house is like mine, the kids think selecting the best stationery is the key summer purchase, whilst I’m sat listing everything I need to buy, from lunchboxes, pencil cases and PE kits to coats, shoes and wellies.

At What’s Good To Do, we have been rounding up and reviewing pens, backpacks, trainers, pencil cases, locker accessories, lunch boxes and more. We have been trying out measuring the kids’ feet at home for their school shoes, to save us a trip into town, as well as looking for less labour-intensive ways of labelling the kids’ uniform. Some of the stuff we have tried is funky, some of it practical, some of it boring but necessary and some of it actually makes them look forward to going back to school!

So, whether you’re looking to save some money, save some time, splash out on a treat for the kids or just buy the bare essentials, there’s bound to be something here that will interest you. We are even running a competition with Treads, and have a pair of leather school shoes with a full 12-month guarantee to give away.

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