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Back To School Smiggle Goodies Review


Reviewed by Lindsay Burton

If you are the parent of two pre-teens like me, then you will be all too familiar with the products from Smiggle. Smiggle sells everything from lunchboxes to pencil cases and school bags and lots of cute stationary. It is a one-stop-school-ready-shop for whatever you need. Having two of my very own Smiggle fans, I often have had to bribe them out of the store in Burton but since the Covid pandemic, online shopping has been the way to go!  Going into year 5 and year 3, I can’t get away with buying them backpacks from just anywhere. I need to know that these are going to survive at least one year of school going, if not longer!

We were recently sent a selection of Smiggle goodies to review. Their Sky backpack  is a beautiful design designed of unicorns, butterflies, hearts and glitter and definitely designed with girls in mind with a gorgeous unicorn on the front.  The Good Vibes Access backpack comes in different colours and designs but we opted for the green football design for my son. Both backpacks have adjustable straps and three zipped compartments for your little ones to pop all of the things they need to take to school. The first compartment is on the front of the bag. It is big enough to pop a pencil case in there. The smaller zipped compartment on the side is ideal to slip phone or purse in to and it is quite deep with a net insert to stop things falling out. The third zipped compartment is obviously your main bag which is big enough for taking to primary school, but you would need a bigger one for kids going to secondary school. Inside the compartment is a laptop section, which is padded and holds your laptop or smart device in place and keeps it protected. It has a velcro strap over the laptop section to keep the laptop from falling out and smashing. If you want to get smaller smart devices out of the bag without opening it and having to rummage through the bag, then you turn the backpack round to the back and you have a zip that you open and it accesses the laptop section. You can then get your device in and out without any worries, but a laptop won’t fit through the zipper. There is a drinks holder on the side of the bag and it can fit most bottles in because it has a toggle and piece of elastic on there too loosen and tighten the pocket. This will prevent the bottle from falling out. The famous Smiggle label is visible on the front of the backpack as well as on the zips for the compartments. We found this bag a really good size for fitting in everything that my children would need for school on a daily basis and also for taking things away for weekends. I love the idea of the name label inside the bag, which is big enough for your child’s name and address in case they lose the bag. And the carry handle on top of the backpack, means you can grab the bag in a rush or carry it like that if you don’t want it to be a backpack.

We also had the opportunity to review the Scented Gel Pen Pack x 30  which includes a mix of scented gel pens, glitter pens, neon pens, and pastel pens, all tucked away in a carry case. My daughter especially loves this set and draws with these daily!

I was shocked to see so many bad reviews online for this company as this wasn’t my first experience buying from Smiggle and it definitely won’t be my last trying out their products. We have purchased a bag bundle Bedford, and granted, the bottle did not survive after being dropped onto the patio shortly before we left for school, all the other products have been great, good quality products. Delivery time has been pretty fast (no slower than the time provided on the order) and all products are safely wrapped and packaged when it arrived. The company is renowned for this regular sales where sought after items can be picked up for a fraction of the price and my children love their products so it is definitely a 5/5 for us!!! ANY of the products stocked by Smiggle would make absolutely gorgeous gifts for children so check out their website as there is another sale on right now!!

Rating: 5/5


These products can be purchased from Smiggle here.

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