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Back to School Gifts from The Gift Experience Review

Reviewed by Louise Totton

Starting a new school is a big deal, both for the child and their parents. It can be a time of great excitement and anxiety for all concerned, so I think it’s nice to be able to treat everyone with a little pressie to celebrate the big day! The Gift Experience have lots of options on their website, so you will be able to choose the perfect celebratory gift!

We were sent three different products to try out – a pressie for mum or dad, a treat for the child of the moment, and a practical gift too. The items were:

  • My First Day at School Photo Frame
  • A personalised Pencil Case
  • An Embroidered Gym Bag

First of all, the My First Day at School photo frame. At £12.99, it is a really well priced little present! Parents across the land take that photo every year – their child looking super smart in their brand-new uniform, usually stood in front of the front door and ready to depart for the new school year.  This photo frame makes a lovely place to put that special photo, and I loved the rulers and books that are featured on the front, along with the phrase “my first day at school”. The frame takes 6×4 inch photos, and its small size mean it is perfect for a bedside table or on a desk at work

The back of the frame is a luxurious soft black fabric, and the photo is popped in by twisting a couple of fasteners, pulling the back out then putting the photo in, before re-securing the back. It front is glass rather than plastic, so it is perfectly clear to look at the photo through and the silver coloured front is also tarnish resistant. It is a lovely quality item, which comes nicely gift-boxed, making it the perfect present for parents about to wave their offspring off on their new adventure.

We also loved the personalised pencil case (RRP: £9.99). It’s a lovely pink design, with a bird, flowers and bunting on the front. The pencil case can be personalised with a name, which will appear in large pink letters on the front, along with up to three lines of additional text.

My daughter absolutely loved her new pencil case – I think there is something very special for young children about having their own details specially printed onto their personal items, and she is over the moon with this. It is a small pencil case, but is the perfect size for young children who are only taking a few choice items into school with them, and I think it will make that first foray into independence a little bit easier and more appealing for more nervous children.

Just like with the photo frame, I was really impressed with the quality of the pencil case. I thought the stitching was secure and neat, the zip was smooth and I am sure that this will stand up to the abuse that young kids will subject it to!

Finally, we looked at the personalised gym bag (RRP: £9.95). These are available in pink or navy-blue. We have to have blue in my kids’ school, so the navy one was perfect. The bag can per personalised with up to two lines of text – I just went for my daughter’s first name on the first line, and her surname on the second line. After this, you can choose from a small range of fonts and also a number of different thread colours.

I did really like the ordering process for this on the website – it was so easy and allowed you to properly preview your bag before actually ordering it. My daughter is a very girly girl, so she chose pink embroidery thread for her bag, and I have to say that when it arrived, I was very impressed by it.

The bag is certainly strong, and has a good weight to it too; I have been stung before with ordering PE bags on the internet, ending up with cheap, weak and paper-thin bags. This one is definitely not any of those things! The stitching is super-strong, the cord is thick and heavy, and it also had reinforced corners and metal eyelets, so even if you child has the heaviest PE kit known to man, the bag will withstand the weight! I was particularly impressed with the bag – I think it looks fantastic, will stop my daughter from losing her PE kit, and is a top-notch quality item.

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