BabyToLove Musical Animals Review

Jean the Toucan


Reviewed by Serah Cooke

As a parent of 3 young children I am a huge fan of anything which helps settle them to sleep of an evening. My youngest daughter is under a year old and I was delighted to be offered the Jean the Toucan Musical Animal to review from BabyToLove. 

BabyToLove is a French brand and their aim is to offer innovative and clever baby products. Their website is easy to navigate and clear descriptions and pictures are given for their products. The website states that orders are sent out within 24 hours and my musical animal arrived quickly. There was much excitement in our household when she arrived. I was also glad to see that whilst it was well packed, the packaging was not excessive.

The first thing that struck me was how cute it is. There are five animals in the Musical Animals range; Luca the Panda, Achille the Crocodile, Jean the Toucan, Madeleine the Whale and Vincent the Elephant.

We received Jean the Toucan and the colours really complement each other, I love how bold they are. Both of my daughters play with her a lot. He feels nice to touch and is clearly manufactured from high quality materials. My baby daughter loves to cuddle her. Once the cord is pulled Jean starts to sing and my baby finds the Over the Rainbow Lullaby soothing. Her toddler sister loves chatting to Jean. He really does bring out the imagination in her, they have been on all kinds of adventures together. Even my eldest son loves joining in and it just melts your heart to watch the interaction between them.  

As a parent who has a house full of toys covered in food, I was delighted to experience how easy Jean is to clean. Just wipe down and it looks as good as new. 

Jean’s adventures are not limited to our house. She’s had fun in the garden, come out shopping with us and on the school run. I would love to try out Jean’s Musical Friends such as Vincent the Elephant and Madeleine the Whale, who all sing different songs.

I had a good look at the BabyToLove website and they have such a beautiful range of products on offer. Their range includes play, baby’s room, teethers, meal time, baby care, on the go. I think the range of sensory toys available is great. They look unique too, not something you would see all the time.  If you are looking for a gift and have a set budget, they have lower priced items available.

I would buy other items from the BabyToLove range and recommend their range to others. Whilst RRP £29.95 is not cheap, I feel the quality makes the price worthwhile.  

Why not check out their blog which has some useful parenting tips

Jean is now a much-loved member of our family. My daughters love the soft lullaby, with an easy pull that’s safe for children, as it’s not too long. The soft material is easy to clean, very hygienic! It sits perfectly in my daughter’s bedroom and when my two year old and nine month old play with her I have no safety issues at all. 

The BabyToLove Musical Animals are great soothing, sensory fun for babies, helping to develop their listening, vision and tactility as well as stimulating their curiosity and are a great help in sending them to sleep.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £29.95

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