Babyliss Twilight Shimmer Set Review

Reviewed by Norman Nashir

Being the only male in our household I really struggle with the constant disagreements about hair, make up, clothes etc.

My wife and 2 girls all have long hair, my wife and youngest daughters are straight and my 14 year olds is curly, wild and frizzy! She hates her hair and is forever asking to straighten it or blow drying it to tame the curls.

When we are invited out as a family our house is like a war zone whilst the ladies get ready. I am talking lots of noise, yells and hairspray!

My wife has a very expensive hairdryer which reminds me of a type of gun you would see in a Star Wars film. She looks after it and does get grumpy when the girls borrow it and get the wire all tangled up.

So imagine my delight and absolute beaming smile when I was picked to review this hairdryer set! At last my nightmare of living with 3 females could finally be over.

The box arrived and my eagle eye 14 year old immediately claimed it and snuck away upstairs to try it.

I went up a while later and had a good look at the set and must say it’s pretty smart looking and half the size of my wife’s beast of a machine.

The set contains all you need to dry your hair with clips, nozzle and a glittery gold pouch which could be used for a night out.


The dryer itself is a 2000w model with 2 drying speeds and a cool blast!

I was pleased to see the set had a 3 year guarantee as with it now being in the hands of a 14 year old it will be used very regularly and it’s good to know that the guarantee is in place should anything go wrong.

My daughter is thrilled to have a dryer of her own now and peace has been well and truly restored in my household.

A big thumbs up from this no longer stressed husband/dad.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £29.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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