Babycup First Cups Review


Reviewed by Hannah Chan

I was really excited to try out these cups as the message and idea behind them is something I completely agree with, so it was lovely to see that someone had gone out and made this product!

A Babycup First Cup is a children’s drinking vessel. It is recommended by dentists and health experts (including speech therapists) that babies begin to drink from open cups as soon as possible but this isn’t always easy for little ones with little hands and mouths which is where Babycup comes in. Its design means that even those with the smallest of hands can hold and use the cup. They come in three sizes, 0+ months, 4+ months and 6+ months.

The product arrived with completely recyclable packaging (this is the best way to make an immediate impression with me as it gives me an idea about how ethical a company is so they get a big thumbs up for that) and plenty of information about how the company got started and a fantastic little sheet explaining why the Babycup is perfect for little ones learning to drink by themselves.

It looks like a plastic shot glass, and came in four colours, green, blue, yellow and pink. They are a decent thickness too so stand up to a little chewing from those with tiny teeth! I have to be honest it does look strange the first time when a small child drinks from them as I am totally used to other types of cup or bottles but it also looks super cute! A bit like when they start drinking from cups from their toy tea sets, only a lot better thought through.

Because of its size and shape it encourages optimal tongue, correct jaw and muscle position and helps with the correct positioning of teeth as they grow which orthodontists believe spouts an bottles can compromise. You can see this when you watch a baby drink from the cup and if you watch their lips and tongue you can understand the ideas behind the cup.

I tested this product with my nephews (7 months and 16 months) who both took to the product really quickly which was amazing as they’re both used to completely different types of cups (one uses a Tommee Tippee sippy cup and the other a non-spill 360 cup). I was expecting to have to model the idea of how to use it or bring it to their mouths, but nope they just took the cup and got on with it. When it was empty it became something to hold and play with too whilst they waited for a refill. I felt happy knowing they couldn’t hurt themselves on it at all. I will say though both babies are weaning so have had experience with their other cups and have seen grown-ups using cups so can’t comment on younger babies. I did notice the Babycup did promote a more natural mouth position and they didn’t have to form their mouths to suck the water from the cup. They also only hold a little liquid so if they are spilled (and they most probably will be) there isn’t much liquid to spill – but enough for them to drink. Also they are really durable so if they do fall from the highchair they wont smash or break. The product itself is very good quality, very sturdy and not flimsy and they are all one piece so you don’t have lots of pieces to take apart and wash or sterilise. There are no little holes or parts for mould to grow or be hidden like in other cups.

They are dishwasher safe and steam sterilizer safe too. They are BPA and phthalates free which is a bonus. They are also made in the UK which for me is a big bonus. It is also 100% recyclable when you’re finished with it.

Babycup First Cups have won many awards from Family Choice and Made for Mums to name but a few and are recommended by dentists and orthodontists because they have no spouts so are kinder to teeth.

Another thing I really liked about it is that they come in a pack of 4, so you can pop one in your bag for when you’re out and about, leave one at home, leave one with grandparents and still have a spare in the cupboard as we all know things so walkabouts when we have small children.

I found the measurements on the side of the cup very useful, it measures in ml on one side (up to 50mls) and up to 1.5 US fluid oz on the other side which makes them user friendly, but also idea if you need to keep an eye on baby or child’s liquid intake. My daughter doesn’t drink a lot so when she’s poorly we need to monitor exactly how much she drinks so these measurements are perfect for that and means I don’t have to measure everything out in separate cups.

A very interesting point I noticed when researching the product was that they can be used to support latch issues or babies with tongue tie or nipple confusion. They would make a much easier liquid holder than a spoon. I haven’t personally tried a BabyCup with a child with tongue tie or nipple confusion so can’t say that they do work, however I can vouch for how difficult it can be to spoon feed a baby liquid so I can see how they would be very useful. One of my nephews is breastfeeding so it is good to see that it is suitable for those who do and those who don’t. I would certainly have purchased them if they had been around when mine were babies and I am very picky with what I buy for my children so that is high praise from me!

You can find Babycup on their website along with a list of their awards and reviews by health professionals. A pack of four retails at £6.99 and I noticed they do sell them on other online stores.

They’d make a great gift for Christmas or for a baby shower. They are a perfect gift for those with a new baby.  I rate these 5 out of 5 stars! I couldn’t find anything negative about it.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £6.99

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