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Baby Born Interactive Doll Review

Reviewed by Louise Totton

Having two young daughters, dolls are very much favourite toys in our house. I have a 3 year old and a 6 year old who were so excited to be asked to road test Baby Born Interactive.

We do have several dolls in our house, but we didn’t, until now, have an interactive, multi-function doll. The girls were absolutely beside themselves with excitement to try out all of the features promised by Baby Born.

She arrived beautifully presented in a cardboard and plastic box, complete with a hat, vest, potty, drinking bottle, sachet of food and a feeding set as well as a nappy, dummy and matching mummy and baby identity bracelets.

Baby Born as a lovely, happy face and bright blue eyes that open and close depending on whether she is sitting or standing. She is a posable dolly, so can be manoeuvred into sitting or lying down positions.

The functions promised by the box include drinking, feeding porridge, wetting a nappy or potty and crying. I was really surprised that in spite of having all of these features, Baby Born does not require batteries. This is reflected in her weight; she is not overly heavy for young children to play with or carry around, and (I hoped) it would mean that she was less likely to develop a fault. It also means that come Christmas morning, there wouldn’t be yet another toy to find batteries for.

My girls really loved playing with Baby Born. Giving her a drink is really simple – you fill her bottle with normal tap water, take the cap off and pop the bottle into her mouth. You can either let the water flow (slowly) into her mouth, or squeeze the soft bottle.

We then waited patiently for her to start weeing (sad, but toilet humour is king in our house, and it seemed the idea of a weeing doll was quite possibly the most amusing thing ever to have happened, ever). The weeing function works really well, and a short time later, after laying her down, we checked her nappy. Surely enough, it was wet and the squeals of delight were quite something to behold.

Baby Born can also wee on her potty; again, we gave her a bottle of water, but this time we sat her down on her potty. She supports herself which we thought was great. When her legs were properly bent, my daughters took it in turns to press her belly button to help her fill the potty. This function works really well, and was so simple for both of the girls to complete with minimal intervention from me. Because only one nappy is supplied, Baby Born spent most of her evening weeing on the potty rather than into a nappy, but really my daughters preferred the potty anyway as it is more visual than the nappy.

Baby Born’s crying function is also great fun, a simple but firm squeeze of her arm after she’s had a drink activates her tears. We loved the fact that the doll does all of this without the need for batteries. My husband has a particularly low irritation threshold with dolls that make an irritating crying sound, so the fact that Baby Born doesn’t do this is a real winner in our house.

The final function of the doll is that as well as drinking water from a bottle, she can also eat baby porridge. The doll comes complete with one sachet of porridge as well as a special feeding bowl and spoon. The porridge is mixed with water. This part is a little fiddly for a small child to do, and really does need adult intervention. It did take a little while to dissolve all of the porridge into the water, but once done, you are left with a solution somewhere between water and wallpaper paste in consistency.

The girls then took it in turns to spoon this into Baby Born’s mouth using the special spoon provided, whilst she was lying down. Just like when she’d had a drink, we then sat her on the potty and pushed her belly button. If I thought the reaction when she weed was raucous, it was on another level entirely after she’d had a poo! The children thought it was quite possibly the most wonderful and exciting thing that had ever happened. The porridge solution is also perfectly safe if it is accidentally ingested by young children.

We are really delighted with Baby Born. She’s a lovely doll, with some really nice but simple functions. We really like the fact that she isn’t battery operated. This also means that she can be played with in the bath, which adds to her appeal. She is easy to clean out, the instructions are really clear and simple to follow.

My girls absolutely love playing with her. I would probably suggest that she is slightly more suited to my 6 year old than my three year old, because feeding her without spilling can be slightly fiddly and it did take us a little while to master the knack of squeezing her arm to make her cry. We have also bought her a couple of new born sized baby bibs from the super market to save her vest whilst she eats and drinks.

The accessories that come with her are all great quality and fit her perfectly. We think at £44.99, she really is super value for money for a special doll for Christmas or birthdays.

It would have been nice if she had come with more nappies, and a little more porridge as we will have to go out and purchase some more after just a couple of uses, but these are readily available and are a reasonable price.

We really like Baby Born.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £44.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

4 half Star

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