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Baabara Toilet Paper Holder Sheep Review

Reviewed by David Savage

At this time of year we all like to spruce up our houses a little bit, but how many of us think about the bathroom or toilet? We don’t spend much time in these rooms (or at least try not to), and more so, what can you do to make them different from everyone else’s? I like to have something that is just that little bit different in every room and the bathroom is no exception.

Most things in the bathroom and toilet are hidden away, especially spare toilet rolls as they are not something that look particularly good or funky on display. Or at least that’s what I thought until I received the Baabara Toilet Paper Holder.

The Baabara Toilet Paper Holder from Red Candy is in the shape of a sheep and livens up your toilet paper storage. No need to hide them in cupboards or in boring toilet roll holders. This quirky little toilet roll holder not only holds your spare toilet rolls and frees up space in your cupboards but looks cool and adds a bit of quirkiness and character to the smallest room in the house.

Baabara measures approx. 37.5X27X13.5cm, holds up to 7 toilet rolls (fully loaded does give the best effect) and can be wall mounted or free standing on the floor or bathroom cupboard. She has a black body, moveable head, and the toilet rolls make up her body/coat (we use white toilet rolls in our house so she is a normal white sheep and the kids are planning on having a pink sheep next time). There is minimal assembly; the head just heads slotting on to the body (no tools required).

She is made of lightweight metal so fixing to the wall isn’t an issue (screw holes are on the body but no screws or wall mounting kit is supplied). We have ours stood on the cupboard and she stands flat and stable.

Since she has graced our bathroom with her presence, she has been a talking point for guests and has even got the kids replenishing her when she is running low, and filling the toilet roll dispenser when it is empty, which is a surprising and welcome bonus.

We have now ditched the boring wicker toilet roll holder in our bathroom and Baabara is happily looking after our spare toilet rolls, which in turn give her a fluffy white fleece (and she is not near the baa-th tub so no chance of her getting wet).

Baabara is an unusual, stylish piece that will add a bit of fun and quirkiness to any bathroom, definitely not a baaaad addition to the room and she will bring a smile to your face.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £25

For more information or to buy online visit www.redcandy.co.uk.

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