AXKID Minikid 3 Car Seat Review


Reviewed by New_Mama

The AXKID Minikid 3 is a Car Seat that badges itself as ‘Rear-Facing Swedish Safety’. Designed in Sweden, a place that is well known for positive steps in road safety like its Nordic neighbours, this Car Seat meets the UN Regulation No. R129 which is more commonly known as the i-Size regulation. Unlike other i-Size car seats it however uses a fixation system I had not seen before and is specifically designed to be used as a rear-facing seat up to a child age of approximately 7 years (125 cm). Installation of the Car Seat was helpfully guided by the BILT® app, which is easily downloadable on a smart phone via the included QR code, and this provides the user with a video step-by-step guide on how to fit this product into their car. I have never found Car Seats particularly easy to install, often the instructions make it look simple only to find them fiddly to clip into place and adjust, and unfortunately this was no different. The app however certainly does help and once it is installed then it certainly appears very secure and safe for your child.

Due to the novel fixation system, which is more common in the Nordic than the UK market, this seat does not require purchase of a separate Isofix Car Seat base. Instead, it uses the 3-point seat belt and has the added protection of lower tether anchorages and a support leg. Whilst initially disappointed that it did not use the integral Isofix connectors present in my car and unfortunately my car did not have pre-installed lower tether anchorages to connect to, I was able to securely use this system using the supplied lower tether anchorage straps. Once installed they appear tight, and the manual assures me that the straps meet the same safety standard as the pre-installed versions. Helpfully the company offer a Car Fit Guarantee which enables the user to return the product without penalty if the seat does not fit their car and users can check compatibility on their website prior to purchase.

Added safety features of this Car Seat also include an ASIP pad (which provides additional side impact protection) and an automatic headrest adjustment (which ensures the headrest is at the correct level for your child based on their size and the tightness of the shoulder straps). The Car Seat itself appears of high quality and comes in a variety of colours. This one was called ‘Tar’ and as expected was a dark grey/ black which would fit well within the interior of most cars. My toddler hasn’t yet complained about his comfort compared to his previous seat and the fit is maintained by an inlay that should be used for children aged 6 months to 3 years (or 61 to 105cm).

It is important to note that this car seat cannot be used from birth as it is an upright seat and so the child needs to have adequate head control and be at least 61cm in length. The recline of the seat can be altered to three different positions and this enables the seat to grow with the child. My concern would however be that whilst the seat would fit a 7 year old (up to 125 cm) as advertised, there may be a limit to this due to space available on the back seats and the position of the front driver and passenger seats in a car that may have less space in the back. The Car Seat can be used in the front, importantly with the air bag deactivated, however from my experience this is not the most recommended place for Car Seats to be placed. Overall, however the AXKID Minikid 3 appears to deliver with its range of safety features and given this should be top priority for any parent would be recommended as a buy. With Easter around the corner – this would be a welcome addition to family days out. The RRP is £460 – which whilst expensive, it does not require additional fixation systems to meet the recommended UN safety standard.

Rating: I would rate this product a 4/5.

RRP: £460

This product can be purchased from AXKid here.

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