Arranging A Trip To London: 4 Unmissable Tips To Ensure You Don’t Break The Bank


London is one of the most popular cities in the world. After all, it has iconic landmarks such as Big Ben and the London Eye. And there are plenty of amazing shops and restaurants to keep everyone happy. However, a lot of people are put off visiting the capital as they are worried about the cost. Cities are well-known for their high prices when it comes to food and accommodation! Therefore, here are five unmissable tips to ensure you don’t break the bank when you are arranging a trip to London.

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Book musicals in advance

A lot of people turn up in London and book theatre tickets from a vendor. And although they say you are getting a reduced rate, it’s often more than you would pay online. Therefore, before you make the trip, you should book tickets online. That way, you know you are getting the best deal as you can research prices on different sites. The same thing goes for tours; you will pay an expensive rate if you buy from one of the shops in the centre. Therefore, book online to ensure you don’t get out of pocket.

Opt for self-catering accommodation

A lot of the hotels in the centre will charge a lot of money for a night’s stay in the city; the average is reportedly over £127! Therefore, it’s better to look for somewhere to stay self-catering. You might be able to hunt down a flat near the centre that you can rent for a few nights. If you are a student, you could Find a Host Family to stay with in London. You can arrange this through your university. It would be a fulfilling way for you to explore the capital without breaking the bank! And if you are a student from abroad heading to the city, staying with a host family is an excellent way to learn more English and boost your cultural knowledge!

Get a travel card for your stay

Taxis are a no-go when you are heading for a trip to London. They will charge you a fortune to get across the city! Therefore, the best way to get around is the underground. It’s efficient and easy to understand. If you buy single journeys each time you make a trip, you will spend a fortune. Therefore, you can cut some costs by using a travel card for the duration of your break! You can buy these at one of the underground stations. You can learn more about travel cards on this site. And remember if you don’t fancy going on the train, walking is a great way to see everything London has to offer.

Stay away from the centre for food

As you will know, cities hike up the prices when it comes to food and drink! It’s hard to find a meal in the centre of London for less than £30 a person! Therefore, if you want to not break the bank during your stay, you should head away from the centre. Therefore, research cheap places to get some good grub. In fact, you can read on our blog about some of the best restaurants in London which won’t cost the earth.

Photo source: Pixabay

Hopefully, you will have a fantastic trip to London and will want to return as soon as possible!

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