Aromo Bounce Espresso Ground Coffee Review

Aromo Bounce Espresso
Ground Coffee

Reviewed by Wayne Owens

Being a coffee lover, I couldn’t wait to try the Aromo Bounce Espresso ground coffee and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. Although lacking in instructions, the coffee comes in an attractive zip-lock bag, allowing you to reseal it after each use and saves you from the usual coffee spillage when reopening, which I quite like. When I had smelt the coffee, after opening the bag, my first thoughts where that the aroma was rich, well roasted and tantalizing – I couldn’t wait to try it!

With no specific instructions to follow, I treated the Aromo Bounce Espresso like any other ground coffee and followed my own coffee makers instructions for quantities. Whilst brewing, the beautiful rich smelling coffee wafted through the house and as I had my brother in law staying he could not resist the chance to try a cup and I don’t blame him!  This coffee is perfect to start your day, as the coffee is made from 100% Arabica espresso and has a strength of 5, you will be wide awake before you have even finished your first cup! It is fabulously smooth with an almost smoky aroma and has no bitter after taste – for a strong, rich coffee this is incredibly moreish!!

I recommend any coffee lover to give this brand a try, Espresso that tastes this good at home is well worth paying for! I give this coffee a 4.5 – it is truly fabulous but half a mark has to come off  purely for the lack of instructions for any novice coffee lovers out there!

Rating: 4.5/5

Reviewed by Claire Turner
I was very excited to receive some Bounce espresso ground coffee to try. I love my coffee & the stronger coffees to me are the best. This is rated at strength 5 and from when I first opened the packet I could tell it was going to make a lovely strong coffee. The smell was very intense & lingered long after the packet was opened. I first used it in my cafeteire and after I had left it for 5 minutes and then plunged it smelt amazing. It tasted as good as it smelt. I drink my coffee black so made one for my husband with milk – he thoroughly enjoyed it. I then used it in my percolator and my coffee machine and the coffee tasted just as good in all 3.

I would definitely recommend this coffee and there's not much left!! Fantastic!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £4.00

Available to buy from Aromo here.

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