Aqueduck Tap Extender Review

Aqueduck Tap Extender

Reviewed by Tracy Joyce

There is now never a dirty pair of hands in my house and no nagging to get the boys to wash their hands!

The Aqueduck tap extender is exactly that, it looks like a ducks beak and it fits onto a tap to extend the flow of water out for little people to reach it!

The tap extender is bright yellow which is a great colour as again it attracts the attention of the boys, all my friends who have been round and used the bathroom have all come down and asked about the extender and think its a great idea!

The only thing I would say which isn't a great hindrance is that because its universal fit it does slide about a bit but not enough to stop it from doing its job, and also you only get one in the pack where I think it would be good to have a twin pack available as well if there isn't already as I've got more than one sink the boys use and would be handy to have on both.

Overall I think the Aqueduck tap extend deserves a 5/5 as it does exactly what is says it does and is very child friendly and easy to use, defiantly a must have bathroom accessory.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £6.99

Aqueduck Tap Extender is available to buy from Amazon here.

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