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Aqua Optima Liscia Water Filter Jug And Evolve + Water Filter


Reviewed by Louise Edwards

Drinking more water is often quoted as a great way to keep healthy and staying hydrated is essential as the weather gets warmer and we are spending more time outdoors in the garden enjoying the the sunshine.

Tap water is obviously the cheapest option and although we are lucky that it is purified straight from the tap, you can often find that it has an unpleasant taste. The alternative can be spring water bottles but these can be expensive and also as they are often single use have a devastating effect on the environment.

The Aqua Optima water filter jug is a brilliant solution for great tasting pure water straight from the fridge. The 5 step patented filtration system has the ability to eliminate contaminants such as limescale, chlorine, heavy metals, herbicides and pesticides from tap water yet retains beneficial elements such as fluoride and potassium which are vital for out health and well being.

The instructions for setting up the jug is really simple and the steps easy to follow.

The water filter cartridge rotates into the inner vessel and clicks into place. This is then placed into the jug and the lid seals the unit.

You can easily fill up the water jug through a hold in the top of the lid and then pour from the spout.

I have to say fitting the lid was a little fiddly but it works ok.

The water filter jug can hold 2.5 litres of water – some of this (1.3 litres) is in the unfiltered section of the jug but when you pour out the filtered water it quickly fills up.

The water filters through quickly and the jug can be placed in the fridge. It fits in well in the door or on a shelf.

The water can then be used as normal as cold drinking water or to make hot drinks. If you live in an area where your kettle can be furred up with limescale this problem will soon be resolved using filtered water.

You can even use it to boil vegetables in retaining their taste.

If you are looking for the pure taste of water that you get from bottled water then look no further than the Liscia water filter jug and evolve water filter. It really does taste amazing. I drink a lot of water as I often go to spin classes at the gym and usually have to flavour standard tap water with cordial but I have been more than happy to use the water on its own straight from the jug which is a much healthier and tastier option.

For best performance the filter cartridges need changing every 30 days so you do need to set yourself a reminder or there is an app which can prompt you which is vey useful.

In my opinion the Liscia water filter jug and evolve + cartridges are excellent value for money. It is a quality project that will last you for years and years and provide you with delicious pure water that tastes great and has all the health beneftis you need. At the same time it will save you money and also is good for the planet as using less single use plastic.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: Price from around £26 for the jug and 6 months worth of filter cartridges

This product can be purchased from Amazon here.

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