Aled Jones at the Royal & Derngate Northampton Review

AledJonesAled Jones
Royal & Derngate, Northampton

1 April 2015


Reviewed by Natasha Kolb

An evening at the Royal & Derngate Theatre in Northampton is always very enjoyable. Parking is easy to locate, very cheap and just a short walk up to the theatre. There are a range of restaurants and bars close to the theatre but we personally prefer to arrive in enough time to have a drink at one of the theatre’s bars and to treat myself at the iced yogurt bar! Offering great disabled access and lots of friendly staff, the Derngate is always a relaxing, pleasant experience.

For tonight’s show, we had the pleasure of an evening with Aled Jones on his “Hope and Inspiration” tour. He is best known for his television and radio work and of course, his childhood singing career.

The show was opened by supporting act, soprano Julia Clark who sang a number of songs including a beautiful song from near her home in Northern Ireland. Also included was a lovely rendition of Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Aled Jones then took to the stage himself, joined by a guitarist and a pianist who was also his musical director. There was no set tonight, just the three performers with a black curtain backdrop. It was clear that tonight was simply about the music. Aled had a good stage presence tonight even though he apologised about drinking lots of water due to bad jet lag from touring Australia!! He was still on great form, singing beautifully and telling his stories of how he started and in his words, ended his acting career in the Royal theatre here in Northampton many years ago when he was 19! He even enjoyed some chatty banter with the audience which was quite amusing! However, the main reason we were there, was to listen to him sing. Aled Jones performed perfectly tonight, singing a wide range of songs from modern chart songs to hymns and also pieces in his native Welsh tongue. We especially enjoyed the Welsh songs as his voice seemed to come alive during these performances, something Aled himself acknowledged!

Tickets are from £26 and if you enjoy this particular style of music, then Aled Jones is well worth seeing perform. He is every bit the professional showman, making for a very enjoyable evening out!

Rating: 4/5

For shows at the Royal & Derngate visit www.royalandderngate.co.uk.

Royal & Derngate, Guildhall Road, Northampton, NN1 1DP | 01604 624811

4 Star

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