Aldi Feed Your Family Challenge Review

Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

I have been taking part in an #aldichallenge Feed your Family for under £70 a week for one week of each month. I started this last month, so this is my second month. I have been enjoying this so much, as it has encouraged me to cook from scratch and I have been so brave with my attempts too, which I am proud of.

So, my shop. I actually spent just over £40 with is amazing as that included so much fresh fruit & vegetables and plenty of meat. The meat I bought was 5% fat beef mince, chicken legs & thighs and a joint of pork.

We love making soups and smoothies in this house and ALDI shops make this process cheap and easy. My daughter and I were in fits of giggles making strawberry milk shake from a fresh punnet of strawberries. We ended up with loads of it in our hair, but it was such a lovely activity to do together.

My 3 year old twin boys love the fresh soup made from potatoes, carrots, leeks and onions. In fact, the amount of times they say to me ‘Dip Dip soup, Mummy.’ This is a great way of getting them to eat their 5 a day.

I was worried that I would not have enough food by just spending £40, but we have eaten so well out of it. Obviously, there were things like cereal and store cupboard staples that I don’t need to buy every week.  There was also no waste which is a brilliant thing. I will definitely be planning my meals again when I do my next shop for the challenge.

Some of our meals this week have included:

Breakfast – egg on toast, beans on toast or cereal
Lunch – ham sandwich, vegetable stir fry, noodles
Dinner – Chicken fajitas, chicken, potatoes & veg, chilli con carne

I am so proud of myself for cooking my family healthy meals which do not break our very tight budget and cannot wait for my next challenge week.

I wanted to add that I did another shop at ALDI this month which came in at £75, so £5 over budget. This shop included so much cake making ingredients and some hot dogs and pizzas for my daughter having friends over, so I thought that just going £5 over budget was amazing.

With meal planning it is very achievable to feed a family of 5, in our case, for £70 a week at Aldi and the quality of food at Aldi is excellent, yes they are cheaper than other supermarkets but the quality isn’t.

Rating: 5/5

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