Al Murray One Man, One Guvnor at the Buxton Opera House Review


AlMurrayAl Murray
One Man, One Guvnor
Buxton Opera House

9 November 2015

Reviewed by Lucy Lowndes

I am a huge fan of Al Murray and have watched him for many years on the television so was overjoyed when I got chosen to visit the Buxton Opera House to watch him in his One Man, One Guvnor tour.

Myself and my friend arrived in Buxton at 7pm and found that parking was going to be a problem. Having visited the Opera House on numerous occasions we have always managed to park outside the theatre, however with approximately 700 people watching Al Murray we knew it was going to be a lot busier. As we couldn’t park in our usual area we drove around the back of the theatre and into the large car park which is used for the Winter Gardens, Pavilion, Leisure Centre and Opera House. We managed to park up in the last remaining space. It is useful to know that parking in this car park is free after 6pm. We took the short walk along the side of the park down to the Opera House. As we hadn’t already got our tickets we visited the ticket desk where the helpful man located our tickets and wished us an enjoyable show.

With still time to spare before the show started we made our way up the stairs to the bar. We both had a small glass of wine and these came to a reasonable £7.

The show started promptly at 7.30pm, our seats were located in the upper circle, row C, seats 23 and 24. Although the seats were high up we still had a very good view of the stage, the only downside was that we couldn’t see the audience sitting in the stalls which once the show started we realised this was going to be a problem. Throughout the show Al Murray interacts with the audience and even entered the audience at one point and unfortunately we couldn’t see this from where we were sitting.

As soon as Al Murray entered the stage he had the audience laughing, joining in with his catchphrases and interacting with the audience (and remembering everyone’s name throughout the show!!). It was just like sitting in the audience of his television show. On the stage he had his signature beer pump which he used to refill his beer glass throughout the show.

The first half lasted about 1 hour and 10 minutes. At the interval we went to purchase an ice cream. The tubs are delicious and are only £2.50 each.


At the beginning of the second half we had the opportunity to take a photo of Al on the stage, this was hilarious. He stood in the centre of the stage and slowly rotated 360 degrees with the same expression on his face so everyone in the room could get the same picture. He then proceeded to produce a ‘selfie’ stick so he could take a photo of the audience with him – brilliant!


The second half was just as hilarious as the first, with him playing different stockbrokers from around the world including London, Germany, Tokyo and the USA. All absolutely brilliant!

He concluded the show with a questions and answers session with the members of the audience, even taking questions from people sitting in the highest seats in the balcony. His response to the questions were quick, witty and very funny. The show came to a close at about 10pm. An announcement was then made over the speakers saying that Al Murray would be doing autograph signings and ‘selfies’ in the foyer. This was an opportunity not to be missed so me and my friend made our way down to the foyer to join the queue to meet him.

The queue looked really long and was leading outside but it moved rather quickly. Whilst in the queue we both purchased a programme, priced at £5 each, for him to sign. When it was our turn to meet him, he signed each of our programmes, personalised with our names, and we had quite a few photos taken with him. This was the perfect end to a thoroughly entertaining evening.


Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

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