Accessorise Your Scooter with Scooterearz Review



Reviewed by Jo Flaherty

I’ll start by letting you know that my four year old daughter loves her scooter. She wants to go everywhere on it. But the reason she loves it the most is because it used to belong to her big brother and he is her idol.

So when the Scooterearz reflector strip, handwarmers and scooter bag arrived for us to try out she was beside herself with excitement. No longer a plain silver scooter, hers was now decked out with a flowery t-bar, pink heart-bedecked handwarmers and a bag for all her treasures. The reflective strip covers the whole pole of the t-bar – there was enough of an overlap that it would fit chunkier scooters. The sticker was also thick enough that it was really easy to place without it sticking to itself or creasing, and it looks great – it looks like it was always part of her scooter and it’s given it a real facelift.


The bag is great – room enough for a drink and some snacks… or a handful of small toys. What my daughter loves most, though is to squish Anna and Elsa in together so they can ride along on the front. There are Velcro straps to keep the bag in place on the handlebars and upright, and they’re adjustable so again they’d be suitable for most scooters and bikes. They’re waterproof and wipe clean on the inside, so really durable for all ages. They also co-ordinate well with the scooterearz handwarmers. These are like mittens except that they attach to the scooter rather than wearing them. They slide on over each handlebar and then clip together to keep them on the scooter so when the child has their hands on the handlebars they are cozy, warm and dry.  They’re also not tight so they don’t attach the child to the scooter – really helpful in the event of a wobble! My daughter loves these, they are just so cozy – they’re (fake) fur lined. Since the new additions to her scooter, we’ve had so many compliments on them – especially the handwarmers. They come in six designs, so something for more or less everyone.

I think these are great products – lovely designs and actually useful; also, they’re very good value for money. I’ve got one very, very happy little girl – I would definitely recommend them.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £12.99 (Handwarmers), £12.99 (Bagz) and £4.99 (Reflectz)

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