A Vision of Elvis at the Grand Opera House York Review

AVisionOfElvisA Vision of Elvis
Grand Opera House, York


Reviewed by Catherine Fletcher

On arriving at the Grand Opera House theatre in York, we were shown to our seats which were in the dress circle up stairs, we were on the 3rd row from the front so had a good view, looking round, the audience seemed to be of a mixed age group.

As the curtain went up to Blue Suede Shoes being played, Rob Kingsley, who pays tribute to Elvis comes on singing, and is dressed in a jacket and slacks. At first I was not very impressed with his singing, but as time went by I soon changed my impression, as he sang all the classic hits from the early year’s right up to his “Vegas” era. And the costume changes were fantastic, he made at least six changes throughout the whole evening, each one better than the other.

In the second part of the show he had the audience clapping and singing along with him and he even read out a few requests that had been given to him by audience members. He then made a little boys night, by inviting him onto the stage saying that he knew what his favourite song was and asked him if he would like to sing it with him, the little boy declined as he was shy (he was only about 7years old).Elvis then gave the little boy a scarf and a ring so he could be like Elvis and told him he could be singing on stage in about ten years’ time, the little boy was so happy.

The Cadillac Band and the Sweet Sensations, who were the backing singers, also entertained the audience inbetween the costume changes and were very good and added to a great night of entertainment.

If you are an Elvis fan this is the show for you.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

For more information about A Vision of Elvis or Tour Dates visit www.avisionofelvis.co.uk.


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