A HipChips Crispmas Review

Reviewed by Sabrina Fancy

After a hard day of Christmas shopping, I was feeling a bit peckish and decided to make a stop at HipChips. This quirky eatery in Soho on Old Compton Street provides hand cooked crisps with a variety of dips on offer.

These multi-coloured crisps are a result of the different variety of potatoes used, according to seasonality. The crisps are thickly sliced, crispy on the outside and chewy towards the middle and taste very fresh, unsurprising since they are handmade in the shop! They are kept under a light, which prevents them from being soggy because light evaporates liquids.

What I love about HipChips is that every month new flavours are carefully incorporated into a theme of each month and this month is Christmas, aka Crispmas! A huge favourite of my family is the Chocolate with marshmallows dip, which is so indulgent!

HipChips is currently offering Crispmas dinner in a box! This Crispmas Dinner Box features a festive feast in crisp and dip form and consists of Smoked Salmon & Pickled Cucumbers to start, a traditional Turkey Dinner with Stuffing & Cranberry Sauce for main and for that ultimate festive finish, a sweet Christmas Pudding with cinnamon sugar & Brandy Butter (it was like eating the inside of a Christmas cake in a dip form). This is really Christmas in a beautifully packaged box!

After sampling Crispmas in a box, I can say that it was utterly delicious! What make these dips so lovely are the little touches that used to customize the dips (i.e. adding brandy to the Christmas pudding dip and the incorporation of cranberry sauce. The portion sizes remain huge and my companion and I were unable to finish this so took it home to enjoy later, and I can confirm that they were still fresh, crispy and delicious!

The prices remain very good value-especially for central London!

Overall, another great experience at HipChips, this time they have managed to incorporate the magic taste of Christmas in a box!

HipChips is located in Soho at Old Compton street. The Crispmas box is available until Christmas only.

Rating: 5/5

Prices: Small (2 dips) – £4.95 / Medium (3 dips) – £6.95 / Large (6 dips) – £12.95

For more information visit

HipChips, 49 Old Compton Street, Soho, London, W1D 6HL | 020 7287 3114

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