5 Fun Autumn Activities

As the leaves change colour and the temperature dips lower and lower, it’s easy to feel like autumn is sapping the life from the world, especially after a record-breaking summer of sun.

If you’ve got the autumn blues, these activities will help you learn to love this season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, even if you’re not its biggest fan at the moment.

Stay In & Play Games Online

Arguably the best thing about the autumnal weather, with its chilly breezes and frequent rain showers, is that it gives you an excuse to curl up on the sofa and stay indoors, rather than braving the outside world.

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Explore the Countryside

If you don’t want to shy away from the autumn altogether, then an ideal way to embrace all that it has to offer is to head into the countryside and go for a walk. You’ll be able to take in the seasonal shifts and see how the landscape changes as the signs of summer melt away. You’ll also get in a bit of exercise, rather than slouching around at home feeling sorry for yourself.

A good old fashioned pub walk is perhaps the best option, as it gives you something to aim for. So after you’ve braved the weather and got your pulse up outside, you can settle down with a pint and some good company at the end.

Get Creative

Autumn is the perfect season for crafting, whether you decide to start your Christmas preparations early by making a few decorations, or whether you simply want to make something to display in your home all year round.

Craft projects can take on many forms, from the simple to the extravagant. If you’ve got kids, crafting is also a great way to spend the afternoon and keep them entertained without having to hand over your smartphone or tablet to do so.

You can find amazing craft ideas on Pinterest, or look for inspiration closer to home, perhaps collecting fallen leaves and other natural elements to incorporate into a design of your own invention.

Watch Live Sport

Football fans become obsessed with the Premier League each autumn as the big games get underway. But if you’d rather not pay an arm and a leg to go to a top flight match, then there are lots of other options that are far more affordable.

It can be very rewarding to book tickets to see your local team play, as the sense of community will be incredible and the experience itself is worth the price of entry. If football isn’t your thing, there are plentiful rugby clubs around the country that hold regular matches which are enjoyable to watch in person. Just remember to dress appropriately for the weather, as standing outside for 80 or 90 minutes requires adequately warm clothing.

Start Baking

If you’re a fan of the Great British Bake Off, then autumn is a sensible time of year to get to work and start learning how to conjure up your own culinary creations in the kitchen at home.

You don’t have to start off with a show-stopping cake or an exquisite selection of mille feuille; if you are a complete amateur then following a more basic recipe for biscuits is a good start. Start small and then work your way up, rather than plunging straight in at the deep end.

Of course if you don’t have much of a sweet tooth, then you could always opt for savoury dishes. Why not consider working with some autumnal ingredients to make food that’s seasonally appropriate? Pumpkins and squashes are more than just decorative, after all!

However you choose to spend your autumn, remember that just because the nights are getting longer and the sun is rarely seen, you don’t have to let your days be devoid of light and laughter if you schedule in the right activities.

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