3 Things Parents Should Do With Their Kids More Than Once

The things with clichés are, well, they are pretty much always right, especially when it comes to parenting. After all, our children really do grow up so fast. Blink and you’ll miss it. They are all true because before you realize it they’ll be all big and ready to leave home. So now is your chance to do everything you can with them, bond with them, share with them, make memories with them and give them ideas of what to do with their children when it comes to that stage in their lives.

That is why we have come up with a list of three things you should do with your children, not once, but over and over and over again. You should do these as much as possible because they are the memories that all of you will cherish.


There is nothing better than going on a family camping trip. The whole process is one of togetherness as you decide on what you will be packing into your bags, what you can do without and what you must-have, deciding on what tent you will need, what activities you will play and what food you will cook up. It is the great outdoors and, no matter how many times you do it, each trip is a new adventure completely different from the last. How? Well, there are different forms of camping from renting a pitch in a campsite to wild camping. There are different activities to base your trip around, whether that be hiking or fishing, mountain biking or swimming; just remember to pack your first aid kits. But above all of this, it will change each time because your child will have changed; they will have grown a bit between this trip and the last. Their interests may have shifted and so your campfire chats will too. But being isolated under the stars is such an amazing way for you to spend time together, quality time, and that is so precious.

Road Tripping

How can it get better than this? Whether it involves renting out some 4 berth campervan and hopping over Europe’s network of borders, or hiring a drop top Mustang and taking on one of America’s most fabled road trips; this is such an incredible experience, such a sublime way to see the world, and one of the most memorable activities you can ever do with your family. Share the experiences, gawp out of the window at the astonishing sites, go with the wind and go with your kid’s plan. If you’re doing the West Coast of the USA and you child wants to go via the Grand Canyon then go via the Grand Canyon. If it’s Europe, and Romania’s old Transylvanian territory that takes their fancy, why not indulge them. You won’t regret it, that much is for sure.

Be Spontaneous

The look on your child’s face when the unexpected comes their way is priceless. It could be that you entertain them by deciding to go on holiday tomorrow, or that you get them out of bed in the middle of the night to look at the stars or the pack of raccoons that are playing in their tree house. It could just be that you ask them to play instead of the other way around. It doesn’t matter. These moments of spontaneity that jolt us, jolt us for a lot longer than we realize. They are the little things we look back on and smile about.

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