3 of the Best Dog Parks in Sheffield

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Sheffield can be seen as a dog friendly city with plenty of expansive parks and woodlands to walk your favourite friend for half an hour or even longer. Some are within the city limits and others are a short drive outside of it.

Before you take your dog for a walk in a public park, be aware that it does put them at risk because other dogs don’t always behave as expected. It’s always sensible to have pet insurance. Insurance for pets can provide reassurance that emergencies are covered. Take a look at everypaw.com where you can choose the cover that suits you and your dog, so before you go down the park you know what you are covered for.

Here are three of the best dog parks in Sheffield.

Graves Park

Graves Park is well known within Sheffield. It’s the biggest park in the city spanning 206 acres in all. Therefore, you can walk your dog and avoid them running into other dogs if they’re not that friendly!

Around the park is woodland on all sides. There’s also a stream that cuts the park in two. There are four separate parkland areas to explore: North Croft, Deer Park, Norton Park and Old Park. There are also three woodlands known as Summerhouse Wood, Cobnar Wood and Waterfall Wood.

Usefully, paths run though different woodland areas linking back to a relevant part of the park each time. Therefore, it’s possible to make a walk as long or as short as you like. The place will certainly give your dog plenty of things to sniff or explore.

Meersbrook Park

If you’re up for taking a trip a little outside Sheffield, then a 4-kilometre journey will take you to Meersbrook Park. It’s a lovely area with rows of trees and long undulating lawns that your dog will enjoy running around up and down.

The total area is 17 hectares, so your four-legged friend will never get bored discovering what’s there. The park is extremely well kept; so much so that it has a Green Flag award to prove it.

Be aware that some areas of the park are steep which might not suit an older dog or one with joint issues. Or, their dog walker!

Norfolk Heritage Park

Norfolk Heritage Park stands on 75 acres and has a Green Flag Award too. It is an expansive public park that received a 7-figure restoration that was completed in 2005 which reinvigorated its Victorian history. Along with plenty of places to walk your dog, there’s also a children’s playground if you’re bringing along your children who would enjoy playing there after the dog is all tuckered out.

The park isn’t far from the centre of Sheffield, yet it feels like you’re on the grounds of a stately home when you’re there. It’s certainly a great way to feel that you’re completely removed from the city. There are several Grade II listed buildings within the park for anyone who is interested in architecture and historical buildings too.

Walking your dog daily is important for their overall health. Sitting around, they cannot get the blood flowing or keep their heart healthy either. Hopefully, the parks detailed in this article provided some fresh ideas about where to take your furry friend.

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