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ZipStixStuntPackZip Stix Stunt Pack

Reviewed by Andrew Bennett

The Zip Stix Stunt pack is not recommended for children under 3 so with that in mind, my 2 year old boy watched on whilst my 5 year old son eagerly took charge. It took him all of 20 seconds to open the cardboard and plastic packaging. Packaging is minimal with the contents all on display comprising of 2 Zip Stix, 2 launchers, a stunt ramp and 3 cones. The Stix, launchers and ramp seem fairly robust. The cones reminded me of small yoghurt pots albeit slightly sturdier.  There is also a mini poster on the reverse of the instructions showing the Zip Stix that you can collect in their respective teams.

The game itself is nice and simple. Instructions are easy and the pictures make it clear – my son corrected me when I originally placed the first Stix upside down!! They are placed on the launcher where, following pressing on the end they curl up on themselves and speedily roll off and away. The game describes being able to “zip” for speed (i.e. a race against your opponent), for distance (who can go furthest in one roll), to crash cones and to zip tricks using the ramp to gain height. Obviously you can combine these into one big race of speed, distance, ramp jumping and cone crashing.

Although reasonably basic, the curl up and roll is quite clever and we had a lot of fun trying different angles to launch to gain the best air on the ramp and the most number of cones hit. Somehow this evolved to involve a human jump with me laying on the floor whilst the 2 year old counted down and the 5 year old performed a trick sending the Stix speeding over me (think a version of Evil Knievel and his buses).

The Zip Stix Stunt Pack was a great post school game to distract from the TV or tablet and involved team work, calculation, imagination and lots of giggles. With a SRP of £7.99, I think it is fairly priced and would recommend this as a gift, a stocking filler or treat or simply as a great distraction whilst waiting for dinner… not a single “I’m Hungry” or “what’s for dinner” was uttered during our playtime.

Suitable for age 4 years +.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £7.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

4 Star

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