Yummikeys Baby Teething Toys Review

Reviewed by Nina Chester

You may have heard the phrase, you can’t reinvent the wheel; well I think Elspeth a young mother who has three small children and lives and works in East Lothian, Scotland has done just that, with her range of baby sensory toys Yummikeys.

When I first saw the Yummirings teething ring (RRP: £19.50), I knew immediately that my Great Nephew, Baby Jack, would love it, but equally so would his mum. My niece is environmentally conscious and is trying to keep plastic toys to a minimum. Buying recycled from charity shops and using a toy library that she is fortunate enough to have close by. ‘What’s the point of having children if there is no planet for them to live on’ she really does have a point.

When I had young children, these things weren’t such a consideration; but they are now, and I am not going to be the sort that says ‘in my day’

Jack is nine months old but has only just started teething; it’s been concerning for his mum who knows that he won’t start school without teeth, but she was relieved to see that first white hard lump appearing on his bottom gum, another milestone reached. With Jack’s birthday just around the corner and close to Christmas, when I saw Yummikeys I knew I had found the perfect gift, a set of three interlocking rings with moveable silicone beads placed on high quality cutlery grade stainless steel, I then realized that I could buy a set of Yummikeys (RRP: £22.50) made to the same exacting standard. And decided to bite the bullet, no pun intended, and purchase both at the same time. These are high quality and do have a high price to go with it. But as you know ‘buy cheap buy twice’ and I am sure that these will be passed down to siblings and cousins. They are rust proof and easily sterilisable for Jack, they go in the dish washer and for a younger baby they can be sterilised in your usual manner, so long as that isn’t in a microwave.

So, one rainy afternoon a couple of weeks ago I visited my niece and her lovely young family. I had wrapped Jacks’ gifts and taken a little something to appease his three-year old sister. She took great delight in helping her baby brother in the art of gift opening and she was intrigued by the contents of the box. Immediately drawn to the real keys it made me realise how few toys are metal and wonder why. My childhood was filled with tin cars and boats as well as plastic. The three-year-old allowed Jack to have the rings whilst she went to drive a police car to the Dr’s, a cardboard box and a set of keys and the next hour took her all over the world of imagination. Jack, glad of the peace; banged, sucked and chewed on his Yummirings.

A few days later my niece sent me a text to say thank you and she gave me a delightful description of the fun that baby Jack has had

“He has enjoyed hitting the keys and the rings against each other and against other objects; neither the toys nor the objects that they have been hit against have marked at all. The different sounds the teethers make are interesting to baby, but not too loud to disturb others (isn’t that a bonus). He has particularly enjoyed looking at the silicon beads on the rings. He has found that he is able to push them around the ring together and away from each other. These beads are also great for baby to teeth on. The keys drop easily into his changing bag as do the rings as they fold in on each other. I have carried them round for him and they have provided plenty of entertainment. He loves the animal shapes on the keys and the cut outs provide stimulation both for his fingers and tongue. They give me new learning points. A crocodile goes SNAP, it makes him laugh.”

I am so pleased that the reality lived up to my expectations. These are high quality with a higher than usual price tag but for that special little one in your world these are worth every penny. What’s more, I feel that with Christmas just around the corner, any parent of a teething child would welcome this quality product.

Rating: 5/5

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