Wilkinson Holds It Hair Spray Review

Wilkinson Holds It
Extra Firm Hairspray



Nice eye catching colour. Easy to open.

My two daughters Jade, Amba and myself used this hairspray. The best part is, you cannot even tell it’s in your hair as it has a very natural look and feel to it.  The hairspray has a long lasting hold without stickiness like you get with other hairsprays.  

What we all like about this hairspray was the nice scent to it and it is not toxic when you spray lots on.  This hairspray is capable of giving you some volume/fullness to your hair.

Jade 13 and Amba 11 found out that you can brush it out and when you put it on you don't need a lot.  My son Leo likes to spike his hair and he also did not need alot for it to stay up.

Overall I would recommend hairspray to others, especially to those on a budget.

Rating: 4 out of 5
Reviewed by Kylie Holmes

I washed, dried and styled my hair prior to spraying it with this product and my hair stayed in place throughout the day. When I came to style my hair at nightime, it easily brushed out, leaving no residue. The smell was not overpowering, unlike many others on the market, and was actually quite pleasant. My asthmatic mother didn't even complain about the odour, which is quite unusual!

Overall I found this to be a great product and I will definitely use it again.
Reviewed by Lucy Knight

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