Wibbly Pig Matching Card Game Review

Wibbly Pig Matching Card Game

Reviewed by Paul Harvey

These cards come in a cardboard packaging, which can be difficult to open for a young child and may become damaged easily. But it is great for keeping the cards together and clean.

It consists of 16 cardboard cards, where the idea is to match the head with the body of Wibbly Pig, depending on the funny costume he is wearing. My 5 year old daughter loved this matching card game.

The cards are made of a thick and sturdy hard-wearing cardboard ideal for young children and also wipe clean. It doesn’t mention this on the packaging, but for as the child develops it also possible to play a memory card game, by turning the cards face down, and remembering where the matching outfits are.

Available from Amazon @ £7.99, which seems reasonable, with the high durability of the material and the option of the two different versions of the game. I would be happy to recommend this item to parents of young Wibbly Pig fans.

Rating: 5/5

Buy from Amazon here.

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