Why It’s Important to Install a Water Filter System in Your Home

Water is essential for life. We wash with it, cook with it, wash our food in it, drink it, we could not be without it. The human body is made up from around 60% water, making water an essential part of life. Our body uses water to lubricate joints, make saliva, swallow food,it carries oxygen and nutrients to cells, it flushes waste and toxins via urine, it insulates our organs and is the primary building blocks of our cells but unfortunately in the world in which we live, only a small percentage of the water available is safe enough or clean enough for us to drink. We spend large amounts of money on bottled water and we use water which we wouldn’t consider safe enough to drink to wash ourselves and when you consider that our skin is our largest organ, bathing in poor quality water does mean that some of the impurities will absorb through our skin cells. Water is usually a clear liquid and we are unable to see the contaminants that lurk in the water. Some water supplies contain chlorine, some contain fluoride, some contain bacteria and some have a heavy metal content and the quality of the water can vary from area to area and it can vary from month to month and week to week. Drinking ‘dirty’ water can cause many health issues and contaminants in the water supply have been associated with stomach disorders and more seriously some neurological disorders and even cancers. Water from your tap may not be as pure as you think it might be, it will pass through a treatment facility but it can then pick up contaminants after it has left that facility en route to your tap and how many people regularly check the quality of their water? Your home plumbing system can also affect the quality of your water. Read more tips and tricks about water filter systems through the following site:

Common Problems with Our Water:

Discoloured Water

Cloudy water can be caused by air bubbles or it can be caused by dissolved or suspended solid matter, possibly chalk. Air bubbles generally settle and disappear quickly but if the cloudy, grayish appearance remains, sediment may be present.


Chlorine is used by the water industry as a disinfectant to kill harmful bacteria and viruses. Levels of chlorine in tap water can vary. It is essential at the treatment plant and through the distribution system but not in your home.

Bad Tastes and Smells

If you smell a ‘rotten egg’ type smell, this could be attributed to hydrogen sulphide which occurs naturally in the ground. If there is a metallic taste, there could be metals present, some of which are found in groundwater. If there is a musty smell for example this could be to do with decaying vegetation.


If your water causes staining, this could be due to limescale or the presence of metals. Some deposits can be hard to remove.

Bacteria and Viruses

Bacteria and viruses can live for months and even the most stringent of treatment plants can’t eliminate them totally. They can cause acute stomach pain and illness.

Hard Water

Hard water has a high mineral content, specifically calcium and magnesium. It can be nuisance  because it causes limescale which can build up over time causing damage to appliances and plumbing.


Fluoridation is the act of adding fluoride to a water supply. This is a contentious and a widely debated and discussed issue. Fluoride has been classified as a neurotoxin and many would argue that it should not be present in our water supply.

What is a Water Filter System

A water filter system fitted to your home can remove the impurities, discussed above, from your water supply. The system uses a physical barrier, a chemical or a biological process to clean your water supply. People will use a water filter system so that they are provided with good clean water and they do not then have to be concerned with any of the above contaminants.

There are different types of water filters on the market and manufacturers have combined technologies to make some very sophisticated products. A water filter system works by filtering water as it comes into your home, it is easily fitted and should cause minimal disruption. Each water filter system will have it’s own specification, cost and suitability so unless you know about water filters or are prepared to do a lot of homework, it would be an idea to consult a professional who will be able to assess your situation and provide the best solution for you and according to budget.

If cost is a factor, consider the amount of money that you pay for bottled water and when you add that up for your household over the course of a year, you will understand how quickly it will pay for itself. Consider also that if you live in a hard water area or in an area where there is metal contamination and your appliances stain or become clogged, in the long run that will cost you money to replace or to repair them. Fitting a water filter system to your home will increase their life expectancy as you now have clean water running through your taps.

People comment that the filtered water feels different, tastes different and for those in hard water areas, it eliminates the build up and staining on their appliances. Smells are eliminated and it is just an altogether cleaner, fresher product. It helps brittle hair, dry skin conditions, eczema, asthma and other allergies. It also protects the pipework in your home.

In truth, we really don’t know what is lurking in our water supply and even with routine testing, we will not be able to obtain the true picture as ‘batches’ of water vary all the time, we would really have to test the water each time we used it to be sure, which would be a completely unrealistic undertaking. It makes sense to clean the supply and have fresh water guaranteed at all times.

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