What fabrics are best for newborns?


Infant clothing should be primarily safe for children – made of natural and attested fabric. When it comes to sewing such clothing for our kid it is worth to to rely upon the fabrics of best quality.

Shops can provide us with wide offer of different kinds of children newborns clothing – rompers, playsuits, onesies, blouses or pants. Despite the large selection of such clothing many parents decide to order a piece of clothing for their children from a professional sewer. What is most important here are the aesthetic considerations as one can order a personalized and custom clothing that stands out, looks extraordinary and is original.


The best fabrics are the ones of natural origin that are pleasant to infants skin, easy to maintain, breathing, soft and pleasant to the touch. Cotton combines all the previous factors I one great fabric as one of the best fabrics for children. Most of the children-clothing is cotton-made.

It is worth mentioning that not every cotton has good quality. Choosing an attested cotton fabric, such as OEKO-TEX certificate can prevent us from throwing our money down the drain. It is a world renown token of textile safety that helps parent in distinguishing the best cotton from the lesser one.

It authenticates the lack of heavy metals, dangerous dyes, pesticides and many other harmful substances in given cotton fabric. Eco-cotton is a very good, but also more expensive choice for parents. It originates from plants farmed without any artificial fertilizers what makes it safer to wear and sew from. Environment also benefits from this choice as its production id more eco-friendly. Ctnbee.com/en has a wide offer of fabrics great for children clothing. At this address you can order many fabrics with custom personalized patterns (as fabric printing is always an option) or choose one of many that is available online. Materials offered by Ctnbee.com/en are made of selected grain and all have an OEKO- TEX certificate what validates their quality and safety.

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