What A Modern At-Home Office Should Look Like


Whether you’re running a home business, doing a little extra work, or writing a novel for your pleasure, a home office is like a haven. It’s the best place in the world when you want to be alone with your thoughts so you can productively formulate them. Since we’re fully into the swing of things for the new year, what kind of office setup should you have? It all depends on how things have changed. Some have stayed the same, while others have made leaps and bounds forward. It also depends on your needs as every home office has to be designed for the kinds of things you will be doing in it.

The jewel in the crown

The single most important thing about any home office is the desk. If you need a small personal desk, consider the Sauder Graham Hill home desk, which gives you plenty of personal storage space for documents and pens, but enough room for a large laptop or desktop computer. Built into the design, is a small chest of drawers, great for storing files and folders. Perhaps you want something a bit more modern and spacious. Then go for the z-line Belaire glass corner desk which is made out of 6mm thick clear tempered glass, so it’s resilient to blunt force impacts; such as a falling coffee mug. It uses a strong metal frame and incorporates a sliding keyboard shelf. If all that is too much fuss, get something bold yet simple with a basyx HON desk in dark woodgrain. It’s durable, strong and provides plenty of space on its large flat surface.

Going wireless

One of the aspects of any type of office, that most people loathe, is the sheer amount of wires one has to cope with. Thus, going wireless as much as possible clears the area and prevents clutter from building. That’s why you need one of the wireless charges from The Big Phone Store, so you can charge your phone by simply putting it down on the charging pad. They have two of the top manufacturers, Samsung and Belkin. The chargers are so small they only take up the same amount of space a coaster would. A wireless keyboard such as the Dell KM 717 would be fantastic for your desk. It’s simple, clean, modern and is priced very reasonably. Coupled with that, the wireless Logitech M280 will provide an affordable yet versatile mouse. It has 1,000 dpi and 2.4 GHz connectivity. Weighing in at 91g its satisfying lightweight.

Burning the midnight oil

When you’re working late at night, the brightness of the screen can make you feel abnormally tired. Therefore, getting a lamp is a must if you’re set on maintaining your focus into the wee hours of the night. A Schuller swan lamp is light, sleek and easily manipulated to have the light cover a certain area. It’s an LED lamp so it uses little energy for a lot of brightness. The intensity can be adjusted by a switch.

Any at-home office needs to be as wireless as possible because you may not have any desk space to spare. Thus, a wireless phone charger should be the first step you take when kitting out your office.

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