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Wallace and Gromit Build Your Own Rocket Kit Review


Reviewed by Sarah Rose

I received the Wallace and Gromit Rocket Cardboard Kit. The cover illustration is great and included its height, shows where it opened from after completing it, how many pieces, the age guide and how long it should take to build.

Building this project itself wasn’t too difficult except the pieces that are included in the same steps are all on different pieces of cardboard or paper that you had to pop them out of, so you had to search through all of it to find the needed pieces. The instructions were pretty clear and were easy to follow since they are in colour. Placing the other orange pieces that create the outer layer of the rocket was tricky since they weren’t printed for the needed sizes to be placed and hooked where they needed to be, so quite a few ripped when I was trying to hook them onto where they needed to go which is a shame.

This item included a lot of details in the interior to build including a lamp, Wallace, Gromit, cooker, 2 sofa chairs, swivel chair, table with cards stacked on it, cheese, cracker box, bag of yarn and a station with all the controls which was really fun. On the inside walls of the rocket is a wall paper design and some printed on designs such as a picture of a duck, a map, a picture of a sheep and on the floor there is a carpet designed on the piece of board. There are 2 built in windows, one on the front where the rocket opens up and one on one of the right back panels.

This product includes a lot of details and the bottom of the rocket even has clouds to add on to represent the rocket taking off. There is a door designed to add onto the front of the rocket which can still be opened even after finishing the rocket, but doesn’t have many other details to make the rocket more interesting. The outer design of the rocket is also quite nice since it shows designs that represent all the nails that would have been used if it was a real rocket along with a number plate printed on with a fine ticket printed on as well.

Underneath the main area of the rocket that opens up the interior of the outer pieces are lined with different wires and pipes. There are also designs of air canisters, a cute design of 2 mice or rats, a rope and a sign saying ‘danger fuel’. The whole design of the rocket seems well thought through and makes an interesting build. The only real problem is the outer pieces that I mentioned earlier in the review. The front of the rocket opens up by either just pulling and pushing the parts that open or pulling the piece of the ladder connected to the upper bit. However after using the ladder while trying to close it it did break a bit where the crease that allows the ladder to point down once pulled out so that once you connect the card cut out piece of the ladder can be slid on to make it look like the same piece of ladder, this kit is a nice kit but I do feel is slightly over priced at 29.99 on Amazon and other retail shops it is available at the same price.  It is a very fun kit to build and looks great when finished


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