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Vinyl Impression Wall Sticker Floral Home Sweet Home Review

Reviewed by Susanna Tompkins

The sticker arrived well packaged in a tube to prevent it from getting damaged and was wrapped nicely in tissue paper. Inside there was a little thank-you note and instructions. The instructions were clear and precise with diagrams as well as text.

The sticker went up on the wall really easily. It was really easy as it was all one piece and we simply lined it up on the wall and peeled off the backing paper. Once up, it looks clear and defined on the wall. It looks really good quality, the colours are bright and it has stuck really well so it should last a long time.

At the same time as putting this one up we had purchased a different wall sticker from a different supplier and so we were able to compare. The other one came in different pieces and was very fiddly and difficult to do. So this sticker just showed the vast difference in quality and ease of putting up with confidence.

I would definitely recommend this product to other people to brighten up their homes. It is good quality for money and easy to do.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £23

Available to buy from Vinyl Impression here.


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