Vileda Steam Mop Review


Reviewed by Louise Totton

Like most households with young children, my floors can take an absolute battering – muddy wellies, spilt fruit juice and dropped dinner mean that my light-coloured, tiled kitchen floor can look quite grubby, often just a few hours after I have cleaned it. When it comes to cleaning a tiled floor, there are actually several options, from the very basic and low-tech mop and bucket, all the way up to a wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

I haven’t used a mop and bucket for years – for some reason, I just don’t see them as awfully hygienic and they can also leave the floor pretty wet afterwards, and with young kids in the house, the risk of them slipping worries me. I also have a hard floor, wet and dry vacuum which I have to say is fabulous but given the floor can sometimes need cleaning three or four times in a day, it isn’t always the most convenient of options so I tend to save that for a weekly deep clean of the kitchen. The thing that I mostly use for quick cleans is my spray mop, which I have to say is fabulous but I’m not always 100% confident that it has zapped all of the bacteria as it does just clean with cold water – I suppose it’s a good surface clean but that’s about all.

Up until recently, I had resisted the urge to buy a steam mop, it just seemed like yet another cleaning device to add to my collection, and to be frank, I wasn’t sure it would be able to do anything any different to any of the other hard floor cleaners that we have. But Vileda offered to send us one of their steam mops to try out, and given their excellent reputation for making cleaning products, we thought that if anyone could get it right, they would, so we agreed to give it a go.

Our new steam mop arrived in slightly smaller packaging than I expected, which worried me a bit as I’m not a massive fan of assembling things and tend to prefer that they come ready to use. I needn’t have worried as assembly took me a matter of two minutes; it is a simple case of inserting the handle into the body of the steam mop until it clicks, then doing the same at the other end with the triangular cleaning head, and it’s ready to go! The only other items in the box are the water measuring cup, two microfibre pads, the carpet attachment and the instruction guide.

As I said, assembly of the machine is a cinch and we were ready to start cleaning in a couple of minutes. All we had to do was to unscrew the water reservoir cap and pour two cups full of water into the tank. I then closed the cap, plugged the machine in and was ready to go!

The design of this mop is incredibly simple. There are no trigger or buttons, just an on / off button and a steam gauge so you can set the steam level. If the device is plugged in and switched on, it generates steam and you can clean – it couldn’t be easier! The machine was up to temperature and ready to clean within 15 seconds of switching on, which I thought was really impressive.

The triangular head is perfect for cleaning along kitchen cupboard kickboards and does a fantastic job of getting into the corners too. The head is almost infinitely manoeuvrable, so there actually wasn’t anywhere in the whole kitchen or hall that we couldn’t clean. The cable is also a very generous 6m long, meaning that only the biggest rooms will require you to unplug and find another socket. We managed to clean the whole kitchen and hall without needing to either unplug the device or refill the water chamber, which made cleaning so much easier.

I found that I had to apply barely any pressure at all and the mop was able to clean pretty much anything I threw at it with ease. From muddy boots to sticky fruit juice and even semi-dried bolognaise sauce, it was all cleaned in seconds and without the need for any chemicals and the steam kills 99.9% of bacteria on its own (a massive bonus in our house as I have awkward skin that reacts to lots of detergents).

Once I had finished the floor, the microfibre cloth simply pulls off the steam head and can be washed in the washing machine. The spare one is then applied, ready for next time and the super simple Velcro system makes changing the cloths an absolute doddle. Finally, the mop is self-standing which I think is a huge bonus. Lots of things like this either need to be stored on a wall mounted stand or leant against the wall. This one doesn’t and because it is so slim, it sits perfectly down the side of the fridge.

This is a super little addition to any cleaning arsenal. It is much more convenient than a wet and dry vac and does a much better job of the cleaning than the spray mop. Because the floor is cleaned with steam, it doesn’t get overly wet and is actually ok to walk on almost straight away too, which is another added bonus, especially with slip-prone kids in the house.

Whilst I was on with my mopping, it was only fair that my other half mucked in with some of the cleaning too! We do normally buy most of our cleaning supplies from the pound shop, so it was a real treat for him (haha) to be able to try out some posher cleaning supplies.

To help us with our kitchen-cleaning task, we were also sent some Marigold products to try out.  We were sent:

We thought they were fantastic and the quality when you do go for the premium brands really shows. We particularly liked the Cleaning Me Softly, which allows you to gently clean otherwise burned on food, and it was perfect for our cooker hob. It really does clean without leaving any scratches. The No More Elbow Grease was also brilliant for cleaning the grill pan and wire oven shelves – I really had forgotten just how shiny it is possible to get them!

Thanks to Vileda and Marigold, our kitchen is now gleaming and with the very minimum of effort required too – they really have taken the hard graft out of cleaning!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £89.99

Available to buy from Vileda online here.

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