Viking Ventures by Barbara Robertson Review


Reviewed by Tricia and Amy Shaw

Set at the beginning of the summer holidays three children are visiting their Grandma by the sea. She lives in a cottage by the cliffs in Ormsthorpe, a village in the north of England. One evening when the weather turns bad their Grandma tells them that strange things can happen on a stormy night when there is a full moon; the children soon find out what she means.

It is an exciting adventure story suitable for reading to children who are able to listen and don’t need pictures. Older children may well find the book hard to put down as they are kept enthralled by the events and uncertainty of what will happen. There aren’t many illustrations but the beautiful pencil drawings complement the narrative well. The language used is, in my opinion, a little repetitive in places but my daughter (aged 8) found that she discovered plenty of new vocabulary.

Having studied the Vikings at school, this book really appealed to her and she was very pleased when it arrived. This is what she said about it: The characters are well described and I was able to picture them easily. The story is exciting, enjoyable and very tense in places. Olaf was really brave and so was Sigrid. I could picture everything really well, I thought I was there. There were some bits that were difficult to follow and it was a little boring near the start but there were also some excellent describing words, when I read about the rescue it was really tense. I think it is aimed at children from 7-11. I hope there is another adventure for them soon.

Rating: 4/5

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