Valentine’s Day Gifts: Fragrances Review

Reviewed by Lacey Anning

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner I have been trying out new fragrances to help find that perfect gift for someone.

The first fragrance I tried was DKNY Be Tempted Eau de Parfum. This fragrance comes in the usual ‘DKNY Be…’ bottle. Following the ‘Be Delicious’ range, the bottle is a gorgeous red colour, with a metallic red top, decorated with a snake on top. The bottle fits in your hand nicely, and the button is ergonomically designed so I was able to spray holding it in a number of different positions.

The scent is a sweet smelling fragrance, and in my opinion would be ideal for a night out. It is a long lasting fragrance and I could even smell hints of it the next day. Like the bottle it comes in, the scent could be described as a ‘heavy’ scent. Previous DKNY scents haven’t appealed to me, however this is something different, and has changed my opinion of their scents.

The outer packaging it comes in is uninspiring, so it isn’t one for making a good first impression.

Overall I think this fragrance would suit someone who likes a sweet, heavy, long lasting perfume. I’d give this perfume an overall 3/5 rating. This is due to the bottle being quite heavy, the uninspiring packaging and the fragrance can be a little overpowering at times.


RRP: 30ml £37 / 50ml £49 / 100ml £69

The second fragrance was from American Fashion Designer, Tory Burch, her original fragrance, entitled, ‘Tory Burch’. The packing is a simple orange box, with the ‘Tory Burch’ logo on it, and the signature fretwork design embossed on it. I love the bottle it comes in. Sharp, crisp lines are the name of the game here. The glass bottle is stylish, and topped off with its gold lid with the signature fretwork top.

The fragrance itself is light and feminine. The perfume is very much like the bottle, chic and stylish, yet classic enough to not go out of fashion. It’s more of a day perfume, or one for early evening. This adaptable perfume is perfect for anything from a day out shopping with the girls, to giving you that extra confidence at work. When I wore it I was often complimented on how nice I smelt. It is a versatile fragrance and I feel it could be worn by anyone – whether you are a dress and heels or trainer and jeans type of girl.

I would give this perfume an overall rating of 5/5. It has earned this through its stylish design and fragrance. It is a classic fragrance that isn’t overpowering and would appeal to a very wide range of people.


RRP: 50ml £64 / 100ml £86

The third fragrance is from Michael Kors. ‘Wonderlust’ is described as ‘Captivating, confident and always sexy’ and it most certainly is. The box is very pretty, with gold fading into a pretty pink. There is also a quote written on the inside of the box lid.

In a stark contrast to the Tory Burch, the bottle is a smooth oval, following the same colour scheme as the box, with a lovely gold lid. The glass bottle is surprisingly heavy.

The fragrance itself is lovely. It isn’t as heavy as the DKNY Be Tempted, and not as light as the Tory Burch. It is a perfect crossover perfume, one that you could wear during the day, and would take you into the evening. As the name suggests, for me it conjured up images of places that I have travelled to, and reminded me of the sights and sounds of San Francisco on one breath, and the beaches of Cyprus on another.

I would give this perfume an overall rating of 4/5. I have marked it down due to the bottle being quite heavy. The fragrance itself I would rate at 5/5 as it is a delightful crossover perfume that conjures up lovely memories for me.


RRP: 30ml £42.50 / 50ml £66 / 100ml £90

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