Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Review

ValentinesGiftValentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Reviewed by Helen Wyatt

It’s that time of year again – Valentine’s Day! I always leave it to the last minute and then struggle to think of anything sensible to buy that won’t break the bank. I’m fairly sure I’m not alone here and hopefully my review of these items will help someone in that panic situation!

I received 4 items to review – 2 more suitable for a lady and 2 more general items.

The first is bath/shower gel and body lotion from – their boutique collection, in wild fig and pink cedar. These are large 500ml bottles and are a delicate pink. They came beautifully packaged each have a cheeky tassel attached to the neck! The bath and shower gel has a lovely floral fragrance which isn’t too overpowering. It lathers up nicely in either the shower or the bath and leaves your skin feeling smooth and clean. The moisturising body lotion is very luxurious. You can slather your skin in it after a shower or bath to really ramp up the moisturising factor! It smooths on nicely and soaks in to your skin, leaving it smooth and silky, without a greasy residue. Both the gel and the lotion have extracts of chamomile, honey and pink peony, and are made in England which is a nice local touch. Not everyone likes getting smellies as gifts but I would honestly be happy to receive something like this as it does suggest the giver has made an effort! These are available for £12 for Grace Cole here.


Next on the list are Aldi’s range of moisturisers – their Vitacell from their Lacura range. I received 3 to try: Serum concentrate for sensitive skin (30ml – £6.99), 24 hour cream de luxe for sensitive skin (50ml – £6.99), and Anti-Aging Eye Cream (15ml – £4.99). These each came packaged in glossy silver boxes, and I didn’t immediately realise they were from Aldi as their style closely challenges that of their more expensive high street rivals. The serum concentrate comes with a dropper – you are advised to massage in a few drops into your face. Including the dropper does make you think you’re using a much more expensive brand! The 24 hour cream comes in a little pot, with a funny little mini shovel. The directions don’t mention using this, but I assume you are supposed to use it to apply the cream to your face. I can’t say this helped in any way! I’m a bit slap dash with moisturiser and just grab a fingerful then apply it! You do get a decent amount in the tub so I could see this lasting for some time. It felt good on my skin although I did need to apply a couple of loads but that might just be my skin type. My face tends to feel like all the moisture has been removed when I have a shower, so good moisturiser is a must for me! The eye cream I’ve left until last as I’m not sure what to say about it! It does say that you need to gentle tap it into your eye area morning and evening, but that you’ll see results after 28 days. I haven’t had this long enough to see any sort of result and to me it felt like I was just putting more moisturiser around my eyes, although it does promise to reduce bags and fine wrinkles so definitely something I’d be interested in doing! The interesting thing about this range is that it is being released as limited edition and in Aldi stores from 9 February so it will be a matter of grab it whilst you can. For more information or to find your nearest Aldi store visit


The next item I received was a card from Cardology available from their Valentine’s Day Range – the “Couple Kissing” card. I was very confused when I first received this as I thought we’d been sent the wrong one. We sat squinting at it for a while trying to discern a picture of a couple kissing from the front, which has a heart cut out section with swirling patterns, and simply couldn’t anything! That’s not to say the front isn’t beautiful, as it is, but it definitely wasn’t a couple kissing… then I opened it up! Inside this high quality, exquisitely made card, is a pop up section. When you open the card, the little silhouette of a man and a lady rise up and move towards each other, as if to kiss. They touch when the card is fully open. We were very impressed with this card – the little surprise inside made it really worthwhile and you can tell it is well made. This card is definitely suitable for both men and women and really shows that you haven’t gone and bought a cheap card from the garage on 13th February! The card retails for £6 which whilst expensive is something I would be prepared to pay for a card of this quality. For this and other cards visit


The last item was a print from Charlie Doodle – we received a framed illustrated alphabet print. This is an A4 sized print with illustrations for each letter of the alphabet. A beautifully drawn item, which really could be suitable for anyone as a gift. It would be a nice addition to any room, and something slightly quirky to look at. The look is completed with a glossy white frame, and the print is signed by the artist. This retails for £28 with the frame and £14 without. For this and other prints visit


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