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Toddlebike2 Review


Reviewed by Sally Ellis

We were very excited to open up the big Amazon box and find a shiny Racing Red (also available in Midnight Blue and Pinky Pink) Toddlebike2 inside. My son, Jacob, is only 20 months, but he is really adventurous, almost unstoppable! He is incredibly jealous of his 5 year old brother and has already attempted to climb onto his bike when we go to the park, so I was very pleased to have something just the right size for him to start on.

The Toddlebike2 is such a clever design – very strong (supporting my older son easily too!), it’s extremely light (less than 1kg), so carrying it, even on the bars of the buggy, is dead easy. It has strong wheels that seem very well-balanced, which is certainly important when he is trying to get on and off. He is only just learning to swing his leg over the top, but it’s perfect to give him that opportunity to be independent and overcome this new challenge.

At first, we started with simply getting him moving around the living room, but Jacob has now also been outside with it, which means he can have lots of freedom rather than being forced into the buggy every time we leave the house. This is something he’s getting angrier about, so it’s brilliant to have another option that also encourages plenty of exercise. Hopefully with a bit more practice, using the Toddlebike2 will mean moving much quicker than his walking technique which often involves heading in the wrong direction!

Of course, the plastic can be easily cleaned too, so we brought it indoors after the park and simply gave it a quick wipe-down. Although he isn’t quite tall enough to get on the seat himself yet, he is happy toddling along astride the middle bar, getting the hang of steering as well with the easy-to-hold handle bars.


I was rather astonished to have never realised this product existed before and I’m so glad to have discovered it! It is a perfect opportunity for the headstrong child to get started on a bike at an early age, providing them the chance to work on new skills and increase their abilities. The price for this product is £23.95, which includes free UK delivery and is extremely reasonable compared to similar ride-on products such as trikes and balance bikes, most of which are significantly costlier. I highly recommend this for all parents of young children who want to give them an introduction to cycling with a quality, durable product that will nurture independence and an active lifestyle.

Weight – 0.8kg (around 4 times lighter than even the lightest balance bikes!)
Size – 48 x 19.5 x 34 cm
Seat Height – 20cm (but little riders tend to start off sitting on the crossbar!)
Construction – durable plastic with steel Axles
Waterproof, toddlerproof with a 3 year guarantee
TUV and CE Certified, made in the EU

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £23.95 (with free shipping)

Available to buy from Toddlebike here or Amazon here.


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