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Vahdam Tea Advent Calendar Review


Reviewed by Zoe Morris

The package arrived quickly and upon opening the packaging I found a beautiful and elegant bright Santa red box with classic and Christmas style gold lettering that makes it look the perfect classic Christmas style with a beautifully modern gift within.

I was dubious how the tea would be packaged. My mind, that has only ever previously had chocolate, couldn’t imagine a suitable way to present loose herbal tea. And wow! What a beautiful presentation! As I opened the box that is fastened with a gentle hidden magnet, I see 24 cuboids that are perfectly positioned and spaced between each other. Each labelled with a number on the visible end and on the side a description of the herbal blend, all written in a beautiful calligraphy font, showing the elegance of the gift. Within each box is a small cylinder tin that holds the fragrant herbal blend.

I was blown away by the packaging, it was so elegant and well presented, and that aloe makes it a fantastic gift for any foodie, tea drinker, adventurer or globetrotter. This is a truly exquisite experience, from the packaging to the fragrance and quality to the experience trying each of the new teas. I was also expecting only 1 cup from each day and there seems to be enough for 3-4 cups in each day! Meaning this will last much longer than the advent period, unless you drink multiple in one day of course.

I loved the information given in the leaflet, it was well laid out and easy to read, with QR codes to give quick and easy access to information. The instructions on how to brew the perfect cup were very simple to read and follow, meaning you can produce an authentic tea. If you like getting the temeratures exact or it is likely to be for someone who might, I would suggest getting a thermometer as there is a suggested water temperature for each style of tea. I really enjoyed reading about their commitment to people and planet, seeing they are putting so much effort not only into their product and service, but also for the planet and supporting education of their farmers children.

The story of the owners is a really nice touch on the back of the leaflet, just adding to the personalisation and background. Knowing about the company you are buying from is often important to many who wish to support an ethical brand who truly cares.

The tea is loose and will require straining. I find reusable cotton tea bags are perfect for this, as they are easy to clean and reuse without the mess and are much closer to a disposable tea bag in how to use than other methods.

This would make an exceptional gift for many people, even though I haven’t loved every flavour, I have loved trying each flavour and experiencing the different blends. Enjoy a little luxury this Christmas.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £74

This product can be purchased from Vahdam global here.

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