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Reviewed by Cath Joyce

It is fair to say that I am in a bit of a rut with my make up, always using the same brand and colours so I was delighted when I was given the opportunity to try some new cosmetics from UP Cosmetics.

UP Cosmetics isn’t a brand that I have heard of before but a quick look on their website told me that they are a luxury cosmetics brand, created by Una Tynan and Pippa O’Connor Ormond. All the products on the website looked fantastic and I was really looking forward to trying them.

When the box arrived, it was much larger than I was expecting and when I opened it, I was absolutely thrilled to discover an amazing selection of cosmetics inside. Inside my parcel was

Quad Two – a palette containing 4 eye shadows.
Ten Palette – a palette containing 10 eye shadows
Trio Two – a palette containing blush, contour and highlight powder.
5 Second Eyes – an individual pot of eye shadow
2 Lipsticks – Perfect Nude and Siren shades
Lip Gloss – Las Vegas

The first thing that struck me about these products was the packaging, it is so stylish and opulent. The metallic boxes really do look stunning and once you open them the gold palettes and lipsticks with the “Up” logo look just as amazing. When I took the palettes out of the box for the first time, I was really impressed with both the look and feel of them, they felt solid and both the lipsticks and palettes open and close nicely with a magnetic fastener which gives a satisfying “snap” when you close it.

I generally only have two eye make up looks – smoky grey and a brown so I felt I needed to up my game a bit to get the best out of these palettes! After watching a couple of YouTube videos I felt a bit more confident about trying more than one colour on my eyes and started to experiment with the palettes.

The Quad Two has 3 high pigment matte shades and one with a light catching shimmer. As brown is my normal go to colour, I was pleased to see there were two shades of brown included – Caramel and Walnut, as well as the shimmery Riviera and a contrasting pinker shade called Sunset. The colours go very well together and looked good alone or worn together (expertly applied with my new YouTube skills!) The colours are easily wearable for both day and night and the sparkling Riviera added a touch of glamour, making it perfect for a night out with friends. The eye shadows are easy to apply, I used brushes initially but also used my fingers, it was easy to build up colour to get the desired effect and both methods worked well.

The Ten Palette is fantastic and my favourite of all the products I received. It contains 8 neutral high pigment eyeshadows, a shimmery highlighter and a sculpting face powder and contains everything you need to take your make up from day to night. Whether you are looking for a neutral every day look or full-on glamour you can create it with the beautiful eye shadows in this palette. Normally with eye shadow palettes there are a few colours that I never use however I know I will wear all these colours as they all look great with my dark brown eyes.

The Silk Shimmer highlighter added definition to my make up and I only needed a tiny amount on the inner corner of my eyes to make my eye make up really pop and enhance my eyes. I often find that eye shadow can clump in the creases of my eyelid, but not with these eyeshadows, it remained smooth and lasted all day without needing to reapply.

The 5 Second Eyes eyeshadow is a cream eyeshadow in a handy little pot. Formulated to glide effortlessly across your eye lid it was a dream to apply either with a brush or a finger. The shade I received was Brownie which is a deep chocolate brown with a subtle shimmer that looked stunning when applied. It was easy to blend with the shadows in the other palettes and like the other eyeshadows lasted all day and didn’t crease on my eyelids. This eye shadow looks good with a single application but can be built up for a more dramatic look.

As well as being easy to apply all these eye shadows were easy to remove too, I used my normal eye make up remover with a bamboo pad and the eyeshadow simply melted away effortlessly without needing to rub my eyes.

The Trio Two Palette consists of a highlighter (Golden Glow), a blusher (Just Peachy) and a sculpting powder (Power Sculpt). This palette has everything you need for that healthy glow that we all need at this time of year. The palette is surprisingly versatile, you can use each powder separately or mix them to create a unique hue, I also used them as eyeshadows, the colours all looked great with my brown eyes.

A quick swish of the highlighter on cheekbones, slope of the nose and on the inner corners of the eyes was all I needed to create a natural sunkissed look which lasted all day. The powder felt very silky and looked very smooth and flattering on my skin. It gave me a lovely glow without feeling I had too much make up on.

I don’t normally wear blusher but the Just Peachy shade wasn’t too bright so I gave it a go. I applied it sparingly with a soft blusher brush and it gave me a pretty rosy glow that looked natural on my skin. The colour is soft and buildable and will suit most skin tones.

I wasn’t really sure how to use the contour powder so I followed the suggestion on the box which was to lightly blend it along the top of the hairline, jawline and the hollow part of your cheeks. I think I need to watch a few more YouTube tutorials to get the best out of this powder but in the meantime it looks great on my eyes!

I don’t leave the house without lipstick on so was pleased to receive a couple of different colours to try. Perfect Nude is a rich pink-beige nude that will suit all complexions and Siren is a stunning red lipstick that adds a touch of drama to any outfit. The lipsticks go on smoothly and the colour is long lasting. The lipsticks have a creamy feel, a little like a lip balm which left my dry lips feeling super nourished and moisturised. These lipsticks are amazing and a real must have this winter.

The final product in this amazing box of goodies is the Las Vegas lip gloss, a luxurious smooth and hydrating lipgloss with slight pink and gold reflecting particles. I have been searching for a high-quality lip gloss that doesn’t feel too sticky, has the perfect amount of shimmer and comes in just the right colour for a long while now and I am really pleased to say that the Las Vegas lip gloss ticks all these boxes and I can finally stop my search! The applicator scoops up just the right amount of gloss meaning you only need one application for gorgeous shiny lips.

This lipgloss not only leaves your lips feeling moisturised, but it also has a gorgeous shine and best of all it doesn’t leave my lips feeling sticky.

I really can’t praise these products enough, it’s quite daunting stepping outside your comfort zone and trying a new make up look but these products really are fantastic and I can guarantee that you will love them too. Why not use the start of the new year as an opportunity to update your make up and give UP cosmetics a try?

Rating: 5/5

Quad Two RRP £28
Ten Palette RRP £45
Trio Two RRP RRP £40
5 Second Eyes RRP £14
Lipstick RRP £18
Lip Gloss RRP £16

These products can be purchased from UP Cosmetics here.


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