Bliss Box Self Care Box Review


Reviewed by Jane Warwick

What a lovely gift for someone to have either as a birthday or Christmas gift or to cheer them up whilst in isolation or not feeling well. The box came in a cardboard box and when opening this, there was this beautiful pink box tied by a large pink ribbon. The words “Bliss Box” in large font with the additional words “Be kind to yourself” in a smaller font below are found in white on the top of the pink box so these words are the first thing you see. This immediately produces a smile as well as a warm glow feeling. On untying the ribbon, the box is opened and this exposes white tissue paper with the word BlissBox and two capital letters BB in pink randomly written on the tissue paper. This paper is neatly tied with a teal green string into a bow with two white grass heads and sealed with a Blissbox circular sticker. It looks good. Also, there is a large envelope the same size as the lid of the box which has the word gift in the middle. The envelope is decorated with a modern design of meadow flowers with some pink covering a few leaves and a flower. This gives a luxury feel to the box. When opening the envelope, there are two A5 pieces of white card, a smaller postcard and smaller cards naming the gifts enclosed on one side and then explaining how to use each gift and the benefits of that gift. The way they are printed and decorated continues to provide the air of luxury.

One A5 card has “Tip of the Month”, and this is about giving yourself a head massage. This card tells you of the benefits of a head massage plus clear step by step instructions on what to do. You can either do this massage using oil or without oil. You know want to untie the string and unwrap the tissue paper to see the gifts. After untying the string, you come across white shredded paper with pink flower petals and gold glitter. It is like a treasure chest where you must delve into the shredded paper to find the gifts. Each gift is also beautifully wrapped with the same tissue paper, sealed with a Bissbox sticker, and tied again with string into a bow. Each gift is made by a different company but all using natural materials. One gift is a keep sake wooden heart decoration with the words “INHALE….. EXHALE …… and relax.” The others in this bliss box are DAJAN organics Natural foot soak ; Silk beauty cocoons; Heni’s Homemade Soap; BEE cosmetics Bath melts and EcoArt House Relaxing bath.

It is lovely that these gifts come from individual small companies making the Bliss box even more special.  The gifts are for the whole body, face, feet and appeals to all the senses. It is like having your own spa day but in the comforts of your own home. I could describe in detail all the gifts ( my feet are currently resting in warm water dissolved with DAJAN organics Natural foot soak and they are feeling very relaxed and I love the smell of peppermint), but I think you need to buy the box and try them for yourselves as certainly it is a little bit more special than the commercial boxes you get on the High Street and these gifts do make you feel relax and revitalised. The only niggle I have is the gold glitter which went everywhere on opening the box and searching out the gifts hidden in the shredded paper. I would suggest that bits of gold shredded foil could be use instead to create the luxury feel as it is not easy clearing up glitter. That aside, I would certainly recommend this box.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £25

This product can be purchased from BLISSBOX here.

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