Beauty Round Up January 2022 Review


Reviewed by New Mama

January often brings New Year Resolutions and what better than a focus on self-care. This beauty round-up includes items for those wishing for glowing skin and a brighter smile. Unfortunately not all items included in the bundle ended up arriving. (Editor’s note – some items that we planned to feature in this round up sadly did not arrive.)

Firstly to help bring life to dull and weary skin left over from the over-indulgence of Christmas is the Tolpa sebio 3-enzyme face peel. The peel aims to leave your skin looking fresh and feeling renewed through the unique combination of its three active enzymes – papain, bromelain and keratolin. The papain derived from papaya and the bromelain derived from pineapple are combined with the gentle exfoliating properties of keratolin, which is reported to remove keratinized epidermis without rubbing or additional irritation. But what does the Tolpa sebio 3-enzyme face peel feel like in practice? The peel itself appears as a milky liquid without the traditional particles you would expect in a scrub and has a tropical, if not mildly chemical, odour. It advises to apply the peel to a cleansed face and leave a thick layer for ten minutes to enable it to work its magic. Almost immediately the slight tingling and burning sensation becomes apparent and the peel subsequently dries to make your skin feel tight and smoothened. It certainly feels like your skin has had a form of home chemical peel treatment without the expense, nasty chemicals, and adverse reactions. Whilst I would use with caution on sensitive skin – it certainly did make a difference to my oily skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and brighter than before. It is recommended that the peel is used twice each week and I suspect that if incorporated as part of your weekly skin care regime it would lead to reductions in blackheads and imperfections. To complement the peel the company also produces a 3-enzyme face wash gel which is presumably less harsh and designed to be used on a daily basis.  Overall I would agree that the peel fits its description as a dermocosmetic product and is different from the standard face masks you would buy for relaxing on a Sunday night from your local high street beauty store.

Secondly to help support a healthy smile are a range of products from the dental hygiene brand DenTek. All of these products have commendable green credentials – not something you would usually associate with dental hygiene industry which has an over-reliance on single use plastics. DenTek however has paved the way for a more sustainable method of maintaining your dental hygiene at home with new range of sustainable flossers and interdental brushes. The flossers reviewed are the DenTek Triple Clean Plant Based Floss Picks and the Dentek Cross Flosser Interdental Cleaners. Each comes in eco-friendly packaging made with paper from responsible sources and the picks themselves are made with plant-based bio resin which can be recycled in standard home recycling streams. The resultant products appear durable enough for their purpose and have a greater flexibility than their plastic counterparts – this is particularly useful when trying to access the back molar teeth which are typically more difficult to clean between. The DenTek Triple Clean is a standard flosser composed of a single strand of floss which is well known for removing food and eliminating plaque in areas more difficult to reach with toothbrushing alone. The DenTek Cross Flosser however has a novel two-strand floss which enables cleaning across two adjacent parts of the gum line – thus enhancing the surface area cleaned and reducing the time needed for cleaning which is especially useful when trying to incorporate this additional bed-time routine. The DenTek Interdental Brushes are similarly earth-friendly and made of sustainable birch wood which is widely recyclable. Unfortunately, the bristle, like the floss from the flossers, should be removed and disposed of separately which means the product is not fully recyclable as a complete package. The interdental brushes however are strong rivals for other leading brands which are more burdensome on the environment and therefore would be an easy switch for someone wishing to avoid single use plastics. The handle is robust and easy to manoeuvre, and the bristle sizing is comparable to leading brands meaning it is easy to know what size to select if the use of interdental brushes is already part of your bedtime routine. Overall, I think the main attraction of the DenTek products is their ability to do the job which they are designed to do whilst also minimising their contribution to environmentally damaging waste streams that are typical of similar products of this type.

As beauty bundles go, whilst this is somewhat limited and I certainly would have other things to add to my beauty regime, I would give these products a strong 4/5.

RRP and Buy Link/s:
The Tolpa sebio 3-enzyme face peel RRP is £9.99 and I think this represents good value for the product given it is likely to last a good period of time due to the small amount needed per application. The DenTek Triple Clean Plant Based Floss Picks and the Dentek Cross Flosser Interdental Cleaners RRP at £2.00 for 36 and £2.50 for 30 respectively. The DenTek Interdental Brushes RRP is £3.25 for 6 and therefore represents a positive switch from plastic alternatives.

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